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Wolf Adventure Game, Life of Wolf Reboot Intro Video

Game Released on App Store & Google Play Store & Amazon

Best Wolf Adventure game, “Life of Wolf Reboot be released” on Google Play Store(Android)

※ Life of Wolf Reboot is a sequel of Life of Wolf released in 2014, and is an adventure story game having a wolf as the main character.

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Escape from the rough destiny in front of the wandering wolf with genuine colleagues !

[Life of Wolf Reboot Game Info.]

Become a Wandering Wolf and enjoy the epic story with 100 different types of diverse missions such as animal hunting, battles against monsters, escape from a maze, and crossing a dangerous valley. You can be reborn as the most powerful wolf once you complete all the missions for survival, for your colleagues, and for revenge.


▶ A story game consisting of 5 chapters and 6 hidden episodes.

▶100 various missions including not only hunting animals but also biting preys, rescuing colleagues, escaping from traps, and bloody fights against gigantic monsters.

▶A network game for you to solve missions with users from all around the world.

▶A system in which you can raise different animals from herbivores such as Formosan deer and zebras to carnivores such as bears, snakes, and tigers.

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