Wildstar DevSpeak: Strain ULTRADROP Content Patch! (Wildstar Gameplay)


Wildstar Strain ULTRADROP DevSpeak. The Strain content patch should be coming out in early July (maybe tomorrow?!) It’s pretty impressive that Carbine already has a big content patch ready this close to launch. I really hope they can keep this pace up!

Game Title: Wildstar
Developer: Carbine Studios
Publisher: NCSOFT
Engine: Proprietary
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Genre: Online role-playing game (MMORPG)
Mode: Online multiplayer

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  2. Well, what are we a month in? And you can already Google "Wildstar is dead" and I think I saw "Wildstar is dying" when I typed in Wild is ___. I honestly have no motivation to do it anymore. I thought a new MMO would refresh me and bring me back into gaming. Holy shit was I wrong. I have too much shit going on in my life and I cant dedicate my time to this anymore. I just cant do it. TBC and WotLK was my time. Now… I have no motivation to do it anymore.

    Is it just me? Do you feel the same way Zybak? What is your honest take from a Veteran MMO player standpoint? Do you think this game is dying already? What is your opinion? Do you enjoy it?

  3. honestly I think the game blows, and its already begun to hemorrhage players.

    The pvp is complete trash its nothing but visual clutter, zergy button mashing, repetitive same three skills over and over again, poor game play. You can't click on moving targets because the game doesn't recognize that well at all, and the pvp gear is gated behind rating requirements that widen the gap between skilled players and average players, which means even worse of a roflstomping for the average players in battlegrounds and even less reason for them to keep on playing.

    The PvE leveling experience is terrible with millions of generic, dull, boring, and extremely grindy "quests", all to get to the end game where the amount of "casual" content drys up and you are left with a time gated elder gem system that in the long run discourages alts, new players, or taking time off if you at all want to remain competitive given how very long it takes to "catch up" and max out all your AMP and ability points through the elder gem system. 

    imho Its time to turn attention to Everquest Next and Warlords of Draenor.

  4. I love this game so much, i wanted to play this game so much.
    However after spending 25 minutes trying to get out of Exile Capitol due to freezes every time a new npc gets in around me, i decided i don't have the computer to play this game or you guys had a terrible optimization. I won't be resubbing with eternal sadness :(.

  5. I wonder if Wildstar's intentionally sophomoric humor is going to help or hurt its performance among older – 30 and above – gamers.

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