Wildstar 40 Man Raiding – WORLD FIRST System Daemons Kill [ENIGMA] (Wildstar Raiding)


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The WORLD FIRST System Daemons kill brought to you by Enigma on Avatus. System Daemons took 41 days to kill and hundreds of attempts. There were without a doubt some growing pains in terms of roster and getting people acclimated to 40 mans. However with System Daemons dead expect to see future bosses die a lot more quickly.

System Daemons is a hard boss fight even though many of the mechanics seem quite simple. There is a lot of personal responsibility and you are almost constantly in a position to kill yourself or other people. The fight is also very long which gives people plenty of time to make mistakes.

Game Title: Wildstar
Developer: Carbine Studios
Publisher: NCSOFT
Engine: Proprietary
Platform: Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Genre: Online role-playing game (MMORPG)
Mode: Online multiplayer

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  1. If this game didnt die this video would be one of those old ass videos 10 years down the line that everyone quotes for the meme, also YOU'RE NEXT

  2. I didnt follow Wildstar raiding at all. never even maxed a character as i was done with mmorpg by the time it came out but were many big players from warcraft or such crossing over and raiding?

  3. Holy balls. That was so incredible. That was a tremendous effort. The voice chat eruption at the end and the building excitement is what makes 40 man raiding so fun. This game was fun. That was a good watch

  4. I just started in EU/NA server. I'm going to stick to NA server, because from what I read, it's more populated than the EU. So, I'm looking for a guild 'if that's what it's called there'. I picked a Dominion character, Chua, healer and picked the Settler path. Is there any expert active guild that still runs whatever is end game and many other stuff, willing to tuck me in ? Sorry about this and thanks 🙂

  5. I actually played this game which is more than I do for most mmos. It had a lot of promise and then it died. What's the point in wasting money making mmos when WoW is still a thing?

  6. oh man look at all the WOW fanboys screaming about how this game sucks. think they just mad cuz these raids actually take skill and not just point click, wait, rinse repeat.

  7. omg mommy world first? really? who were  you again? I dont see 40 people in seperate grouping going counterclockwise eyebeams and one shot kills of half the raid (this looks like joke vs old wow 40mans long forgotten) but honestly seriously WHO CARES its a stupid game…if you were WORLD FIRST man on the f'ing MOON then that actually carry weight not stupid easilly forgotten waste of time game that people left in droves Hey look out mommy its world first look at me go yay =s so what..   next?

  8. Coming from a wow player, this stuff looks way harder than the raids we get now. One person can carry a 10-15 man raid if they are sick on deeps. Just got this game and im afraid to try this out but I certainly will 😀

  9. I love how people talk about how this game is shit and it's dead just because it can't reach the amount of people WoW has. I personally don't play Wildstar but I'm seeing it getting the same treatment that Guild Wars 2 has gotten (Which I do play). Who gives a shit if GW2 or WS don't have 6.8 million subs? I enjoy the amount of players I see in GW2. If you like WoW, good for you, just stop calling games just because they don't have as many people, "dead" or "shit". I know not all WoW players are like this, but there are a few. Just as I'm sure there are asshole GW2 and WS fans. Let's all just try to be respectful to each others likings, yeah?

  10. Im a hardcore raider in wow , cleared every content on cataclysm and mop on heroic. I raided in wildstar aswell and people who say wildstar raiding is harder has no idea what wow raids are like. Bosses like siegecrafter blackfuse heroic , leishen heroic , garrosh heroic , spine heroic , madness heroic , paragons heroic are in wow and wildstar bosses are nothing like them !


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