What Is "The Cycle"? – Gameplay & First Impressions


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Today we’re checking out The Cycle and it’s Season 2 content! This game is a PvP and PvE shooter where players must fight to complete objectives to be the team with the most bounties at the end! 😀
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  1. Thanks to the makers of The Cycle for sponsoring this video – more info here: http://bit.ly/2UgCsZZ – Thanks for watching! 🙏

  2. This game looks amazing and thanks for making this video and explaining how this game works I am going to give it a try because I am updating my game now and again thanks for making this video!!

  3. Sadly, the game is inundated by cheaters. If you play solo you are going to be killed by cheaters (shooting through solid object) like crazy. The game would be fun, but the hackers and cheaters have ruined it already. 🙁

  4. Honestly, it's a victory just to escape. If you're lucky, you can snipe the monsters from the evacuation zone, maybe help someone already doing it. But more likely, you'll get spotted, and be forced into combat.

  5. I now just noticed that this Amazons crucible is pretty much this games concept. All they did was the change the ends goal….but this game did it first.

  6. Imagine how good this game would be if it was just kind of like an open world rpg not fully open but you get me (example: destiny 2 or warframe). Kinda tired of these people just creating different types of battle royales and storms and so on. But thats just my opinion.

  7. Anyone remember Firefall? This is the Battle Royale version, some parts of the maps they could sue it's that close. Been waiting for Em8er to get going for years this could be the fix I need 😉

  8. Fortnite Spellbreak and The Cycle 3 games by epic that I’ve been playing and I keep on alternating every 5 rounds now I’m so good I got 5 wins of fortnite 5 wins of spellbreak and 5 wins of the cycle in a row I’m having the time of my life so you should play this and spellbreak and fortnite

  9. This game could have just became the new Firefall. I'm a little disappointed that it ended up as a Battle Royale type game. It still looks fun though.

  10. Hi there, my name is Blaze E.c and I have recently started making The Cycle montages on my channel. Please check out my channel and if you like what you see please consider subscribing as it would mean a lot to me as a small and hopefully growing YouTube to grow a fan base that I can interact with and do what you want for your entertainment. So please again do consider subscribing if this is something you would like to see

  11. If the cycle gets a Ps4 and Xbox version with cross play then it has the chance to get hyped like fortnite… Hopefully it'll get at some point


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