Werewolf Online: What happens if fool is headhunter's target? 🎯 🃏


In this video I do an interesting Fool experiment. Watch this video if you want to know what happens when the fool is headhunter’s target and this fool gets lynched…

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  1. For those who think it's impossible:
    Do you know of the existence of custom games? That's where we tested this 😅

  2. One time I was a couple with a hh and I wasn't scared to be honest it wasn't in till he started telling everyone to kill me was when I started to panic I was a seer I think I told him if I die we both die and when they killed me, it said hh won, apparently I was his target and the cupid happened to put us as a couple.

  3. I had a funny hh win. My target was 6, I was 10. I played with my sister so I said ( as a joke, cupid was in game) couple me and 6. She wasn't the cupid, but I still got coupled with 6. 6 was det, I said he was bad and we both died. But I still won. Very nice and lucky hh win.


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