Weird Chocolate Roulette – Ready Set Show


Jeremy and Trevor play a game of Guess that Chocolate Filling!
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  1. y'all didn't want pickles and chocolate, but it's actually really really good! I dip my pickles in it like strawberries

  2. The truffles, they're not always BAD, sometimes they're just odd.
    She put beef jerky in a chocolate? …I didn't know anyone could DO that…

  3. They should do one where it’s almost the same thing but they have to guess what kind of jelly/fruit is inside of it

  4. Does anyone want to point out the fact that the numbers they say and what they picked are completely different?

  5. I remember walkers (lays in America) did a campaign in England called do us a flavour and one of them was chilli chocolate

  6. They did my childhood favorite of chocolate and ketchup! And my fellow Bostonian was the one who got it!

  7. 0:53 – They are NEVER going to let Fiona off on that, are they? (lol)
    8:31 – [ROFLMAO] That made me jump, and laugh out loud!
    9:40 – Trevor's Face! Priceless! (lol)

  8. In Norway we have chocolate covered fungles. Surprising it was weird to try but it's actually good. You guys should try it.

    Btw It's called Smash.

  9. Not really a culture thing but pop rocks in chocolate is fucking delish, 10 outta 10 you gotta try it at least once.

  10. It is still great British bake off in the UK. It's just great British baking show in the states for some reason guys

  11. French fries dipped in chocolate are a definite favorite of mine. Perfect set up is fresh McDonald's fries, in a chocolate pudding Snack Pack. So good. Hot and crisp with cold and soft, salty and starchy with rich sweetness

  12. Yo potato chips and chocolate are a killer combo. I do it all the time, especially with a crunchy kettle cooked chip


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