Warriors Adventure Game | Game Design Analysis


I’m taking a hard look at the Warriors Adventure Game, a tabletop pen-and-paper role-playing game published in 2009.

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Thanks to soundbible for the cat meow sound, provided under CC Attribution 3.0 license.


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  1. When you want to play this game but none of your friends know what warrior cats is and would think it’s lame if they did: well heck

  2. me and an old friend of mine from middle school made a warrior cats book club for our schools library. They had a copy of the adventure game. We tried to figure out how to play it with the help of the librarians. We played the game once, and i don't even think we did it right. If I recall I was also the DM and wasn't good at reading through everything thanks to reading being rather tough. ^^'

  3. is this a different version of DnD based on the world or warriors? because all my friends like DnD but only one of my friends read Warriors.

  4. I used to play the Warrior Cats Adventure Game adventures with my dad lol.. it was just the two of us, so I acted as the narrator but also played a character to help balance things out. I believe that my warrior's name was Cloudyfoot, and his was Flippertail.. lol. Oh and by the way, my dad had basically no idea what a warrior cat even was. As far as I know, he's never read the books. Like, at all. I would continue playing the Warriors Adventure Game, if I had any friends to play it with.

  5. Thank you for giving me an insight in this interesting game. I read the rules and soon want to try it out with my friends. I found some of the official Adventures, but I wonder if there are fan creations too, and where to find them. I bet the community has come up with some pretty good adventures themself.

  6. I am learning this so I can run it for my daughter. The issues you talk about with the stats and chips. Could that be solved by rolling 1d4 and adding it to the total? You could keep the chips and use them to increase the total instead. For example if I use bite and my Skill is 1 and my strength is 1 my total is 2. The target number is 4 and I roll 1d4 with a result of 1. 2+1=3 so I can't succeed but I can spend a chip to bring my total to 4.
    I am only just reading it so if this makes no sense just let me know.

  7. I really want to play this but that would require me to have 1. friends who 2. are interested in Warrior Cats AND 3. are willing to learn how to play a tabletop RPG they've never played before.
    I think if I were to play it I'd modify the rules a bit. The combat system in particular seems frustrating.

  8. I want to play so bad, but none of my friends are very big warriors fans and read then when were younger ;-;

  9. Where can you get an actual book copy of the rule book? Like the one you showed in the beginning of the video. Is it on Amazon orrr?

  10. Pretty much agree with everything in this video… which is why I changed the rules for when I play with my friends. Adding dice rolling (and changing the target values of the checks to reflect that) was the very first thing I did. When I made new stat blocks for the enemies though, I way underestimated the party’s capabilities, and they destroyed a badger before two full rounds of combat were over, lol


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