UNTAMED Mad Lab AR App Creatures Unlocked


Unleash the madness with the new free Untamed Mad Lab AR app from the makers of Untamed Battle ARena! To play, use the app to scan the QR code on your Mad Lab Minis vial to bring your creatures to life in the virtual Mad Lab!

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Story Mode
Learn the secrets of UNTAMED Island. Visit different locations, like Pine Forrest and Volcanic Mountains, and prepare to battle its residents!

AR MadLab
Combine unique UNTAMED DNA elements with the all-new Augmented Reality Machinery to create your own mutations. Over 1000 species to unleash!

AR Battle
Pair up your mutations and take them into a 2v2 battle right in your room with our Augmented Reality battle engine.

Creature Book
View / collect and learn about all 34 unique characters on the UNTAMED Island.

Key Features:
Scan Mad Lab QR code to extract Elements
Challenge friends and anonymous foes in epic battles in real time
Unlock unique combat abilities, rewards and game features as you level up

Gain more elixir to build different hybrids by logging in daily, levelling up, and winning battles. The app comes with 2 free characters but if you want more, collect more Mad Lab Minis vials to scan and battle today!


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