Hey guys thanks for stopping by. If you’re new to our channel make sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you never miss out on the fun. In this video we play the newly released Untamed – AR Mad Lab App by WowWee! With this app, you get to unleash your real-life Untamed Mad Lab Minis in an augmented reality world, with endless possibilities! When you purchase a Mad Lab Mini it will come with a QR code disk inside that you can scan using the app. New features in the app are set to roll-out soon, so be on the watch for a Part 2 video!!!

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  1. Yes, it's available for Android 🤣 Omg the boys would love this. Silly Mommy didn't save any of the cards 😱 I'll have to buy some more Mad Lab Minis! I love how the lab shows up in your living room! So cool!

  2. 👍👍 AR Mad Lab looks pretty fun!! Just cooked up a dinosaur… oh snap- we got an Android but we will see if its available. 👏👏 nice share

  3. This is actually really cool! We have never played with these yet but we may have to get some because I think Cam would love these! Very cool app as well!! 👍 We like Blaze!!


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