This Game Made Me VERY Uncomfortable – Shiver


Shiver is one of those scary horror games that you don’t think much of at first but then like good scary stories or a creepypasta it catches you off guard and really scares you good! This legitimately freaked me out, you can’t fake this reaction haha lets play!

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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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  1. There is one great game on Steam. It's the same style as this game but it's not a horror game. It's called The Search and it's made by Jason Godbey. I even translated it to my language, Serbian. The translation is live on Steam.

  2. jack: it’s spooky scary month
    me watching this on july 17th 2020 bc quarantine sucks and i enjoy watching a potato get scared

  3. Jack: Why Do you need a Callsign for death and dismemberment
    The Death And Dismemberment: Breaks through the window

  4. Jack: jumps out to scare us
    Jack: DID I SCARE YOU?
    Me: Nah Bruh
    My Friend: *gets shivers while violently grasping my couch

  5. "Why do you need a call sign for death and dismemberment?"
    Well, it's a mine from the 1940's, pretty obvious why they have it.

  6. Sean played this 8 months ago but YouTube is only just now recommending it and honestly should be a crime to pull that kind of stuff.

  7. Sean: "Whenever you're scared, rub ur titties"
    Me, who is a trans guy who just got titties removed: "Hmm, it's too late to tell me to do that"

  8. I know this was from 8 months ago, but you might see this. There used to be a game that was called Shivers by Sierra, they have it on GOG. I think that would be a game that interests you. It has a lot a of puzzles, so it may not be video worthy, but it was a fun and creepy game to play. Great music in it too. Take care and blessings all.

  9. I just watched this through, and I noticed in the context that the character’s dad had died. At the very end after the credits, the character apologizes to his dad for losing his thoughts, so after the accident with Al, the guy DIED. I saw Seán happy, but that’s the most grim part…

  10. a cool series of HORROR point and click games is The Last Door, not a first person but its definitely worth checking out, also Distraint both are very STORY based and the ATMOSPHERE is amazing, no exception for the SOUND DESIGN which places you right into the experience with both the music and sound effects

  11. a good point and click series is the "The Black Mirror" Series, not related to the tv show of the same name. I think there are 3 games (volumes of the story) I thought it was good anyhow.


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