The ONLY ADC Macro Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 9


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This is THE ONLY ADC macro guide you’ll EVER NEED.

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This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.

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  2. I was in a normals where the ADC were jinx mirror. However, my support was yuumi (which is useless early) and the enemy had thresh. This is practically a 1v2 but I pushed the lane instead for early lvl 2. Should I have let the wave pushed instead??

  3. basically what i understood from this video was, hit minion, hit champion, hit towers, hit nexus then gg

  4. I know I'm doing something wrong when I do the second least damage on the team. I feel like it has something to do with early game. Any tips?

  5. I started playing the game not long ago, 4 months I think. I have a question, as an ADC main, how can I keep farming minions when my team is always looking for fights and kills? If I don't participate they start flaming me for not helping.

    I will put a scenario here:
    I played with a leona, as soon as she got to lvl 2, she went all in ignored the minion wave, I followed up but I still held back as I felt a bit risky because opponents have ignite + flash and heal + flash. She said "you have to play aggressive". I think that wasn't a good play.
    After sticking to bot lane for 2 to 3 mins, she went to help mid, as soon as our opponent saw her in mid their jungler came and she died.
    Then she said our adc needs to follow up! That went on the entire game saying "4v5" or "no adc".

    This, of course, doesn't happen every game. I would say 2 games out of 10 games.
    What I'm I doing wrong here? Do I have to follow up and play aggressive?
    If I follow up everytime how can I get enough gold to buy items.

  6. What I need is a guide on how to do these things as a solo player. I'm always solo… Literally. So these techniques mean alot in an organized situation, but in the randomness of solo queue there must be a method that is successful more than 48% of the time; in other words, my winrate

  7. This felt less like an adc guide and more like a league guide, it is hard to make people do things in league that is beneficial to the late game, cause everyone thinks they know better than everyone else. I guess though that you can't really do much of anything as adc without team cooperation.

  8. I had no idea what he was saying. I like playin Ashe and people told me to call out ADC before playing as her, so I looked up an ADC guide.. this language is foreign, I have no idea what he is explaining to me. gg

  9. Although I really enjoy guides like this and I theoretically learn things I always feel like it doesn't matter cause most of that assumes your team will either do good or listen if you tell them what to do … and honestly that's rare. And I don't have friends who play so we could plan stuff , so I'm stuck with randoms…forever .

  10. What if you fall behind and your team is going to contest it even though you ping them back ?
    e.g. I'm a 0/2 Ezreal against 3/0 Lucian in the 10th Minute and we have no chance to win a fight if it breaks out.

    If this situations happends I try to help them but then end up doing not much or even die.
    If I don't join them then I'am of course the reason we lost the fight.

  11. My biggest problem with macro is that I don't know when to group or not to group with team in mid game. Because sometimes it looks like they are about to group to take an objective but then just do nothing and I lose advantage over enemy adc that was farming all this time. And the opposite of this is when I go to the lane to farm alone and my team loses an important fight even though i didn't look at all that it's going to happen. It always feels like a gamble deciding to group or go farm alone.

  12. Due to the changes to the game I think this guide should be updated. Botlane is different in this preseason and I think we would like to know the new macro strategies adc's need to control


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