The Nyko Core Controller For Nintendo Switch Is Surprisingly Good


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The Nyko Wireless Core Controller has been requested by several viewers to take a look at so today we’re doing just that. The Core Controller is 30 dollars and actually has all of the features you would need. I was a bit surprised, a controller from Nyko is actually pretty good.

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  1. okay so two negatives are only one rumble motor (the other one is literally a large nut) and the trigger buttons are digital (only on and off)

  2. Well it does not really matter if it has an nfc reader or not you can just use your joycons if you want to use amiibo

  3. Bought this controller roughly a year ago for pc. Build is super creaky (though the plastic itself is good quality), USB-C connector is super loose, d-pad is imprecise, and the left stick grinds against a screw hole that is too close to it which caused the left analog stick to fail on me in about 3 months. Wireless also never worked on anything other than mine and my brother's Switches. Windows would detect the controller but it wouldn't recognize any imputs.

  4. I am trying to use this on my computer. But 2 directions on both analog sticks don't read at all? Is there any possible way to fix this?

  5. Looking at the Nyko while it's vibrating you can tell it only has one rumble motor, but it never really feels that way unless you really pay attention to it. The counter weight on the other side absorbs the energy to distribute it to the other side pretty well. Really great budget controller. Sometimes it does disconnect from the switch, but so do the joycons so it's really nothing new.

  6. I just got one. I've been holding it for a while and I gotta say… Not bad at all. I like it. I like the way the sticks feel. The dpad is a little mushy ya but I have a feeling that there's possibly something you could do about that. But over all it's pretty damn good. Some people are knocking it as "A good option for little kids and a secondary controller" but it wouldn't be bad as a main controller too. (Coming from someone who uses the Xbox 1 controller)

  7. Thank you for the review and mentioning the tention of the analog stick..
    Most reviewer dont noticed that thats the most important thing when playing fps like fortnite and overwatch👌

  8. This thing has such an awesome feel to it. Sadly, I had to return mine. That dpad was way to stiff for my tastes.

  9. No, this controller is terrible. Out of the box it had drift on top of its unwieldy feel. No offense, but please don't buy this guys.

  10. Hey man I got a new controller released here in Philippines. It's the Guilikit Pro Controller. Contact me if you wanna know more

  11. I used one and it was garbage. The controller felt bad and a little unresponsive at times, and it started drifting right after I took it out the box. I can't back this product.

  12. After a week using nyko controller mane shit be acting up the L3 R3 n R are the weakest I had to reset the controller many times the aim trigger laggs at times n gets stuck!! Yes it turns off after 5mins of no usage Ipaid 20$ at a local game store I say the controller is 7/10 wait u play it for a week or any hardcore gaming lol 😂

  13. Take a closer look at the triggers. The PS4 triggers use what look like a regular rubber button, but has a tapered rubber contact and a resistor pad under them to give analog feedback. This is the same way all the ps3 controller buttons had analog pressure sensitivity. They could be using the same trick.


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