Steam Icons Are Missing (Fix Blank Steam Shortcuts)


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Steam Icons Are Missing (Fix Blank Steam Shortcuts)

When steam icons are missing, you have to reassign the icons manually. In this video i will show you how to do that, and fix the game’s integrity if needed. This is an easy fix, and works for any Windows version.

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  1. Ok, so, this is for when the game is already installed. What do you do when the icons aren't being associated when a game is newly installed from scratch on a new Win10 installation, AND you've already verified that "Internet Browser" is selected (As suggested by @furywind) as the default .URL extension?

  2. Or you can simply go to the game in steam and right click to select manage then click browse files, find the games exe file and right click choosing send short cut to desktop. This will add the game and it's icon.

  3. Thanks so much! I was having a problem with the wrong icon showing up for Subnautica and this fixed it! thank you!

  4. thank you sooo much dude! :D. i've been having this problem for soo long and it was soo anoying but now i have finnaly fixed it! thank you 😀

  5. This tends to happen if you have uninstalled / disabled Internet Explorer 11 (W10) from the Control Panel. Re-enabling it (And not using it) restores the icons instead of having to do all this process

    You're welcomed

  6. If anyone else has an issue with the icons disappearing again when your PC reboots, Then try deleting the IconCache.db file in AppData/Local, and restarting your computer. if you can't figure out how to do that, look up a video on how to restore corrupted shortcuts.

  7. My case is when I open the game, the icon doesn't shows in my taskbar when it does on the desktop. Can you help?

  8. This is way to much to have to do for dozens of games I have… isn't there something that will make them get their icons back all at once?

  9. it's easy go to any shortcut and "right click" –> "open with" –> "Internet Browser"


    Go to default apps –> Choose default applications by file type –> .url –> Internet Browser

  10. I was hoping to find a fix to restore all icons at the same time after having moved the steam folder to another drive. This tutorial seems to take more effort than just deleting all shortcuts and creating new ones?

  11. I used adobe bridge to delete all thumbnail cash on my entire computer. Be warned it will cause this issue as well

  12. Or you could just go to steams game files, right click on the games exe and click make desktop shortcut, a lot faster.


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