Space Engineers – "The Skyforge"


Welcome to the planet of Haven in the Lynx System. This system is chock full of opportunity… and pirates.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! This is the Exploration Survival! Mod all the things! Stream map.

I plan on releasing each streams update map each week. “Or maybe every other week”. This map includes all the planets and moons from the Sunday streams over on TheXpGamers YouTube channel including CaptainShacks personal vessel the SkyForge.

Join us over on the discord and feel free to send me some screenshots of your adventures in your version of the Skyforge.

Have Fun!


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  1. Alright here's my ship please ignore the spiders raining from the sky, so when i logged on my ship was 50 feet under the ice, exploding, managed to get it out in once piece, so here's the bridge FWOOOOOOOHH , and back here we have the hanger bay FWOOOOOOOHH , and the sick bay FWOOOOOOOHH , over here we have the bedroom with an open window to the hallway FWOOOOOOOHH , and this is a personal shower for your room….. FWOOOOOOOHH , Here you go, the key is in this box! FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH

    Welp, I'll leave ya to it!


  2. It's so weird to look at the Skyforge from before they got off Haven; the modifications they've done since then are very nice.

  3. Don't accidentally crash this ship into a planet at full speed unless your prepared to wait a very long time for your pc to do all the calculations required to blow it up 😁

  4. Why did Keen not understand, that we need some Large Ship Blocks as Small ship Version in Vanilla, like Flight Seat, Windows, Doors that fits Small Grids? This Ship is the best Example for it!!!!

  5. when I fist loaded in the ship sank into the floor at a 20 degree angle, tried restarting in creative, made a landing platform and it seemed fin. wloaded back into the world as survival, the left rear landing gears were a few inches in the ground and I cant lift of now, soooo. the imidiate problem is fixt just have to figure out what to do when I eventually want to leav

  6. "On todays brief Captain we have a few issues with the new ship. Engineering is a little concerned that the warp drive keeps apparently whispering 'come on, do it do it do it i wanna explode', logistics staff are comforting ensign Chalmers who was found huddled in the corner and whispering 'so many pipes, sooo many pipes', the galley staff have no solid idea where yesterdays lunch went but our drive trail is now chicken scented, Ensign Sardeg is still unable to walk through any doors and we've had four more sightings of a cowskin suited spaceman. Oh, and we have a giant spider corpse on the bridge. Alrighty then, meeting over DONT GET UP . . . . . . . sigh Dammit. Bridge, open the bay doors. The XO is new and doesnt know about the chair thing . . . . .'

  7. The Skyforge while very cool to mess around with having watched it built over the weeks from the start to where it is now, is INCREDIBLY leaky. Seems impossible to seal up and pressurise, even using spectator cam to inspect every inch, nook and cranny of the interior space and fixing it up to a seemingly perfectly airtight seal visually it just wont seal and pressurise…

    I think it's an issue with the greebling and the use of 2×1 slope pieces… Its leaking through them somewhere but impossible to locate visually… Don't perhaps anyone know a good tool for troubleshooting airtightness and locating leaks?

  8. @TheXPGamers First Chnage for me will be adding VCZ Doors. They are the BEST modded Doors for small ships atm. also there is Another Cryobed Mod, The same as your one. But its allowed for being piped. ( The viewer who made yours already said he dont know how to add ports for his one.) I will look forward to see if you change this… as well!

    Btw Use Speed moduals on your assemblers.. they are REALLY slow.. and TIM Will Solve your Cargo box Issuses.

    PS Im currelty working on Small ship airtight hanger doors 1x1x7 (7 tall) Might be able to do a few other sizes. But having some Issuses with the Code atm.

    Hit me up if anyone has Modding Exp with Doors for SE (advdoor code) from API

    Peace Out My Friend And Please Pass my Best to THE CREW (W4sted Morp Tex And Wedge)

  9. Been watching the stream, loving it!

    I'm seriously convinced that if Tex didn't have to work he'd veto your landing on this death planet.

    I hope he comeback next week, he can't leave the captain unsupervised.

    I downloaded the scenario, it's a tougher then I thought.

    Mistakes were indeed made!

  10. When i Loaded the save,
    The SkyForge was buried slightly into the ground at a 15° slope, then after i proceeded to use a hand drill to dig it out, It began exploding and acting like a megadrill making the largest crater i have seen ever.

  11. I was just talking to a friend of mine about this ship and was hoping that you would release the beautiful but ugly bird and looky here you did. Will most defiantly add this one to my list. Thanks for all the enjoyment and helping me get through long Sundays at work.

  12. The Skyforge-class Exploration and Salvage Vessel. That's my unofficial designation for the ship design as of now 😛


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