Skyforge The Ultimate Beginner's Guide – What to do after becoming a Junior God Episode 7


In Episode 7 of Skyforge The ultimate beginner’s guide – I am gonna talk just about a few things you gotta focus on after you got your Divine form.


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  1. Grouping is a major problem on ps4 nobody uses the games own matchmaking. Horrible trying to get a group in the 10 people dungeons.

  2. Hi! Thx for your guides but i can’t do Isabella because it’s blocked by « Need to complete the Equipment tutorial » while i got my divine form. Can you help me ? Thx

  3. Sorry, but why should I save KOE and Credits? You mentioned it but not explained why. Thanks in advance ^_^

  4. I have a question if you're a new beginner and you messed up from the very beginning into you reach 225 might and some of the gears is a current level and some are not and the thing is I want to know is if delete the game and restart all over will I lose everything I had from the very begin or will I still have it thing I buy with currency like skin pets things like that when, start over again

  5. guys i know many players here see and learn and even do comments but dont subscribe this Great channel please do it guys it really helps this channel and encourage him to do more for us please dont be lazy help and sub this channel i humbly request you guys i play from EU server

  6. Decided to check out this game and just reached the stage addressed in this video – unlocked god form and wondering what to do. I noticed that whatever mission (even squad) I look at, the rank of mobs is at least 270 whereas I'm rank 47… My might does seem to get boosted, but it's not enough to do meaningful damage even to swarm enemies.

    If I understand the video correctly, I'm just supposed to ask to be carried until I can actually complete any content in this game? Please tell me this has been changed there is some content that I can complete?

  7. Very informative ,helpful video ,keep going man
    also participating in pv is really helpful for getting rare/legendary items


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