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For this video we take a dive into Skyforge, the sci-fi action MMORPG. Jumping into the end game, we explore the new areas, try several classes and take on some pretty challenging content..

How is the game holding up years later? In my opinion, it holds up. The graphics, combat and content all still feel very good. However, the population (i played on EU during odd hours) might impact your experience and progression. The western servers and console versions are probably a bit easier for finding group content.

Skyforge has aged pretty well but still isn’t THE MMORPG for me even though I enjoyed revisiting.
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  1. I stopped around late 2018 when I couldn’t seem to get any further without putting so much cash into the game. Also I had no one else to run my missions with. I might pick my account back up but now I’m just too far behind, again.

  2. It's not bad, but after completing the main initial story/tutorial portion, where you unlock your divine form at the end, you really can't do much of anything on your own, so need to do a mess of stuff while being carried by teams that have stronger players, that use divine form. Once you get some decent gear, and have levelled up your different perks you can do all the squad, group, and party content solo, typically while in divine form, but squad content can be done without, it just takes longer. Although if playing on your own, that's where you hit a wall, as that's all you can really do, which I find to be a common thing for Russian developed online games, they pretty much always will be very dependant on playing with others in one way, or another. If you do the invasion open zone when it first opens up during a season, it will have lots of people there, so you can just join in whatever, and get stuff done, but not long after it gets to be pretty dead, so doing anything there takes ages, and you can pretty much forget doing the boss related stuff there on your own, unless you spend the excessive amount of faith going divine form there costs. The invasion "practice" version of the main raid used to be pretty easy, but after a point they decided to boost the health, and damage of everything in them by stupid amounts, so joining a random team usually would result in failure.

    When they add big new content, there's usually a new open zone, which you'll need to grind away in for ages to get the new skill upgrades. Every I think two months a new invasion season starts, which increases the level caps of your different stat boosting structures, and increases the gear version level, so you'd typically then need to grind out a new set of gear, grind out the resources to boost the fore mentioned structures, and gear, then repeat the process each invasion season. It all gets to be rather stale after a while, especially since skill levelling is completely linear, as they removed some skills for every class, and made class development a straight line, rather than the Path of Exiles web like system it used to have. Also it has the whole pay to progress thing, any time you see an online game with pay to progress, even if it's not too bad at first, and no matter how much fans will down play it, at least eventually companies will try to milk players with it by making the grind painfully long unless you pay up.

  3. Video today, is old and need to replace little bit (talking about the search thing on YouTube to find video and this comment is not a hate thing in the video is just to lest people know about those video that’s guided us into the game video that’s really old)

  4. There is a lot of hate for this game on which is very unfortunate.
    As a brand new player on p.c. as of Jan 2020; and coming from the likes of Neverwinter, WoW and Blade & Soul I can say that the game is good. It is also free to play. The game does need to be polished in a few areas though. I am still following the first story area … the yellow brick road so I cannot speak on end game but I can say that my initial experience pve is very positive for this portion of the game. Skyforge has lots of eye candy (great use of colors, great spell animations, outfits and mounts) the story is serviceable but the cut scenes can get wonky and many time you will see the same NPC only a few meters away which can be immersion breaking. I know that the console population is vibrant with the pc population seeming low. Time of day really matters for if you are playing cross region as I am. If you decide to play the game join a guild/pantheon asap. It is incentivised for guilds to take on new players. I hope hope that Dev`s work on the smaller nuts and bolts that will really increase enjoyment. I have not encountered the P2W yet but I feel that it is ok to have a bit if it is non abusive and the product is good. If the devs make a good product why not support.
    I definitely recommend giving Skyforge a try.

  5. I like it still..As a girl who plays when she has the time for it,that game gives me enough graphic quality and interesting missions,also good character creator.I like it a lot and i tried almost every free roleplay game at Steam!

  6. "I have no idea what I'm doing" yep sounds about right for Skyforge. I try to play it every like 6 months or so and have no idea what the fuck to do at all. Last time I played, you had to spend like $100-$200 on events to stay up-to-date on shit, was a fucking joke.

  7. Like he said it’s the time zone issue here …so therefore have ppl in the USA 🇺🇸 play this game .. so can have a party group .. hehe 😜👍

  8. Like he said it’s the time zone issue here …so therefore have ppl in the USA 🇺🇸 play this game .. so can have a party group .. hehe 😜👍

  9. Christ man, can I get a non sponsored video without people getting paid by the company to give their “honest opinion about how amazing this game is”…..

  10. i played skyforge for a year back in 2015, and i quit in 2016 when the ascencion update came and it completely changed the game, skyforge back then was fun, you had to collect material to upgrade your character, weapons and god mode….but now you dont collect material but equipment like amulets, rings and tokens to make your self stronger, they changed the god mode, now its pay to get crap to unlock better skils……back then you had a massive atlas to upgrade your curent character/class, god mode and unlock new classes and that is how you gained power, it had a meaning, a purpose but now 3 pieces of equipment and your already god level killing everyone and everthing…FUCK THAT MAN aint nobody want that, get that stupid crap out of the game for fucks sakes u dumb cunts!…


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