Shiver is a point and click horror game set in the cold of winter. When the frozen wind blows and the monsters creep closer. Lost and alone in a forest of death. No one to save you… no one to help you…

This scary game is a wonderful and terrifying point and click adventure! It cranks up the horror in such wonderful ways as you walkthrough this forest with subtle build-ups and just plain CREEPY ambiance! You’ll be shivering in your boots!


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  1. Protagonist: *Broken arm, lost and needing to find his father*
    Also Protagonist: *Mingles himself in a totally dangerous mine where people disappeared and police is investigating*

  2. Me: *sees a hovering person on the street while I’m driving*
    Me: *looks back, then forwards again*

    *slams the gas pedal*

  3. As I was watching this a car drove past my window making it look like the light from the street lamp outside my window was moving……

    I thought it was a figure…

    Scared the living shit out of me.

  4. the mole is actually jordan trace. when you mix fuel, metal oxide and metal powder, it creates the hottest substance known to mankind. throw some explosives in the mix, and you’ve got one hell of a combination.

  5. Oh! Now I get the monster design! The hand-mouth is like a specific species of mole! And it lives underground, obviously in the sunken remains of the mine!

    Good game! We need more point-and-click horror games in the world.

  6. 23:04 the red strip says "you'll never see your father again" mark didn't see it so maybe others didn't as well

  7. So has anyone put together everything that happened in the story? I can only figure out that some kind of accident happened in that mine, and the monster briefly has a message "help me" on it's hand when it attacks the protagonist(but on literally one frame).


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