Sherlock: Death on the 4th of July – GameNight! Se7 Ep51


Start of Game: 4:00
End Game Discussion: 44:19
Tonight on GameNight!, Nikki, Ambie, Toby and Lincoln teach and show you how to play Sherlock: Death on the 4th of July by designers Francisco Gallego Arredondo, Martí Lucas Feliu, Josep Izquierdo Sánchez and published by Enigma Studio, GDM Games and Indie Boards & Cards.

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  1. I wish you would have said this was part of the Sherlock Files Elementary Series game. I would have not watched since I have not received my copy yet.

  2. Another support of the prison deduction: the sirens all night long. The Mrs was hearing the hullabaloo of a prison escape and didn't even know it.

  3. Hey Lincoln, are you a Sherlock/Poirot fan? You certainly nailed it with the Prison association. That was the key piece of info that it all hinged on!

  4. It was a fun playthrough, but one of the biggest flaws I see is that your final score depends too much on chance. What I mean is that this case was resolved with the help of a single card, maybe a second one (the one saying that the body had tattoos). Yet, if these cards happen to be at the bottom of the deck, you will be left in the dark for most of the time, and you will be forced to reveal a lot more unnecessary cards, thus lowering your final score. It goes the other way, too, as drawing the map card with the prison early could have aroused your suspicion, as you had no idea at the beginning that there was a prison nearby. In my opinion, this is not good game design for a deduction game. But I guess in the right company, it could be fun, it just relies a lot more on luck than I would have preferred.

  5. I played that case with my younger brothers few months ago.
    We also got all answers right….just missing 1 point to be Sherlock himself. 😉
    It was the same with us that only the map tile with the "prison" suddenly brought the link to the whole case. So more than 2/3 of the time, we did not have a clue at all who the victim might even be.

    That fact makes the game quite depending of how the cards are shuffled. Furthermore, there are 3-4 main "stories" in each case. So in the beginning when you dont have any clue at all, you cant prevent to play irrelevant cards…because you cant know they are. So you would only discard any cards that are easy to remember.

    Still, it was a great case.
    Low price, at least one hour of deep discussion. And afterwards, you can just give it to someone else.
    From three cases I have played so far, I do like this one the best…storywise and from complexity.
    From the other two cases, one had too many dates too keep track of and the other had too many times/hours.

    Looking forward to play more cases.
    I'm happy that there are no real puzzles so this kind of games differ enough from any exit games and adventure games.

  6. Wow, Lincoln must have seen too many CSI stuff but I remember that outbreak film too, where a bus was in an accident and prisoners escaped


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