Review: SteelSeries Nimbus+ Is Best Apple Gaming Controller Yet


The new SteelSeries Nimbus+ is the best controller yet for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and MacOS. Play any of your favorite games on your iPad, iPhone, Mac or Apple TV wireless with this new premium gaming controller.

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  1. Has anyone had any luck Playing War robots with this controller I have yet to find one that will run with 13.4 or later?!? if anyone out there can help i would greatly appreciate it.

  2. I bought the old version but its stil good the rubber on the joystick was destroyed hope you could make a rubber you could make a loose rubber

  3. Just bought one 3 weeks ago. It died, froze, became unresponsive. Tried everything. Tried the Nimbus app to see if it was maybe a firmware issue. App didn’t work either. Sent it back to Amazon and the replacement just arrived today. So far so good. Hopefully this will last a little bit longer this time. Other than that they are good controllers for everything iOS.

  4. I just purchased the controller and come to my disappointment not all games on IOS work with the damn thing. Mostly on the app but they do not have popular games like call of duty! MortalKombat, street fighter……….

  5. DOES IT HAVE GYRO YES OR NO? If not, then clearly the Switch Pro controller is still the best controller out there.

  6. Also the nimbus app, which is for firmware updates to the controller and that is referenced in the instruction manual… it hasn’t been updated in 4 years so what do you know, this thing can’t connect to it. Awful showing from Steelseries, I paid £70

  7. That wasn’t a Nimbus you were using. That’s a Stratus XL. Good controller but the original Nimbus was much better. Essentially you compared a Nimbus+ to a Status XL.

  8. I’d rather buy a Dualshock 4 that could also be used with steam or as an extra controller when a friend brings his PS4.

  9. What are the advantage of Mfi controllers as supposed to a Dualshock 4? I mean you can use the DS4 with PS4, PC and more


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