PLAYING AS A WOLF! HUNT OR BE HUNTED – Brand New Wolf Sim Adventure! – Nocturnal Hunt Gameplay


Nocturnal Hunt Gameplay – Playing as a Wolf! Rage through your Hunters and Rescue Your Lost Cub! Welcome to Nocturnal Hunt! Nocturnal Hunt is a Wolf Simulation adventure game where you must venture through the treacherous mountains to find your stolen Cub! Defeat your hunters and make your way to your loved one! Let’s Play Nocturnal Hunt!

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About Nocturnal Hunt:
Nocturnal Hunt – a first person stealth game where you become the wolf in a forest full of hunters.

Be a wolf in a forest full of cruel hunters and rescue your stolen cub. Sneak your way through the gloomy woods or wreck your hunters. No matter how, find your way to Brasov – the village of the hunters and the core of the evil. Hunt or you will be hunted!


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  1. A little bit about wolf pups and what they do when they get the chance to escape the den
    The pups will go out of the den as much as possible and in a young age they don’t go out of the den much because the mothers don’t want them too but they will go very far and explore as much as possible

  2. I love this game. It looks really good. And wolves are my favorite animal, so im definitely gonna buy thus game when I can. Please play more of this.

  3. Why no one seeing the sadness of this? A momma wolf like a human mom knows her son missing and is in danger…the worst fear of any mom or father..their kid in danger..scary humans stealing killing your young..dont know if their hurt it or not if your a mother or father..its like a nightmare you cant wake up from


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