Physx & CUDA Comparison


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In this episode, we show you a few games with and without Physx or CUDA enabled.


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Physx & CUDA Comparison



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  1. I thought CUDA was a non-game based system, some kind of CAD addition or something. Hell the NVIDIA settings menu itself flat declares turning CUDA on will HURT the performance of games with Physx. This not the case?

  2. Nvidia just bought Ageia's Physx for marketing purposes. They failed miserably to create a next-gen gaming experience, it's barley adopted at all. And when a game adopts Physx it's using it very limited or it will mismatch with the rest of the graphics style of the game. But even when it's using a decent amount of Physx the performance is down the drain, like with Black Flag:

    From a technical standpoint it's surpassed by OpenCL. There are a lot of games that easily match the effects created with Physx, take the destructive physics from Crysis 1 for example. Also most Physx effects could even be faster on the CPU if it was coded properly with multi-core support. 

    Physx is just a farce!

  3. I dont even see the difference in Cuda… As far as Im concerned the Waves should be more realistic.
    And Physx is a joke. CryEngine 3 produces the glass pieces in same quality or even better and doesnt need to use Physx…
    Mostly the difference is very small. The only game where I can say that it looks better is Alice Madness Returns.
    Nvidia the biggest suck company on earth.
    Who the fucks buy those cards just to have Physx or Cuda…
    Mantel fucks them into the ass anyway.

  4. Not it is not. CUDA is a programming language for nvidia GPUs.
    The cores are called "CUDA cores" because they are designed to work most efficiently with CUDA.

  5. CUDA and PhysX are both nvidia techs. CUDA is a programming language comparable the AMDs OpenCL. CUDA is much more efficient right now as it has had much more backing and support, but OpenCL is now catching up as it is open source. PhysX is a plugin for CUDA that has a very efficient means of creating particles from environment damage and other effects, basically you will get much better performance using PhysX then just programming the effects into the engine manually.

  6. That's why it says 'CUDA' instead of PhysX, because instead of using PhysX Just Cause 2 uses a more basline CUDA computation rather then PhysX so to speak. JC2 uses CUDA directly to simulate excellent water effects. Other games may use PhysX (which runs on the CUDA framework) to do this, but every game is different.

  7. что-то демонстрация тухлая. местами разницы вообще нет

  8. CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture, and is an extension of the C programming language and was created by nVidia. Using CUDA allows the programmer to take advantage of the massive parallel computing power of an nVidia graphics card in order to do general purpose computation. Basically it allows the GPU to do the job of the CPU, and its faster.Turning CUDA on/off has no effect on game visuals.

  9. Well I went from ATI (back then) to NVidia because my ATI cards wouldn't work with my motherboard. On top of that the drivers at the time were totaly crap. So I sold my 5870's and got 2 GTX 580's. The only problem's I've had so far with those were a low voltage for some demanding games. Which was easily corrected by upping the voltage in the tweaking program.
    But I still think AMD gives the best bang for your bucks.

  10. what is the difference between Physx and CUDA? in the first test it said Physx on/off and then in the 2. test it said CUDA on/off?
    please answer, i am planning to build a pc.. 🙂


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