OFFLINE Target or Help VILLAGE? | Werewolf Online Ranked 138


You are alpha and you play against arsonist together with two teammates. The arsonist gets help from the last villager, but what will the headhunter do with an offline target???

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Early Riser by Kevin Macleod

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  1. Man,you are the first werewolf channel that i found,i love werewolf but i can't find a Guy talking about werewolf,until now.Thank you and say hello to Brazil!🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  2. Hey Hypo! I came to talk about a game I experienced and ask if something I did was silly or not.

    In this game, I was a seer, and all other seers (apart from one aura) were game throwing. Also the medium was game throwing. Other seers (apart from one aura) shared no info throughout the game, and medium didn't revive or talk in dead chat.

    I checked two good people day 1 and 2, so I revealed no info as I figured they would become targets for the Evil roles. I died night 3, unfortunately, checking another good role.

    The other dead said I was game throwing, as well as the other seers (the other Seer roles, besides one aura) were actually game throwing I'm pretty sure). I said I checked good roles so I didn't confirm because I thought they might be targeted. The others said I should have confirmed them and told others to report me and the other seers. I wasn't game throwing. I don't think it was fair of them to report me.

    My strategy goes: do not confirm good roles day 1 day 2, as they will be targeted by evils and revealing your role might put strain on the doctor as others have most likely revealed. You should only confirm good players after day 2 or if their role is being questioned.

    Is my strategy actually good, or should I not continue to use it?

  3. I hate this video! 😡

    Jk, I love your videos. 😉
    Lekker bezig! 😂💪🏻

  4. Hi hypostein, I actually don't really understand what rank (Bronze/silver/gold) really matters? It's just a fun game and I think personally that every kind of game has it's own excitement 🙂


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