Nyko Playpad Pro For Android / Amazon Fire TV / iOS (iCade) Review


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If you’re looking for a game controller for the Fire TV, this is a slightly more useful controller over the Amazon branded version. The reason being is that this device is a little more cross-compatible in that it supports Android devices as well as iOS (iPhone / iPad) games that support the iCade protocol.

Note that support for iCade will likely dwindle away now that Apple has their own controller protocol, but it should work well for most games depending on how they have controls mapped.

The controller feels nice in the hand, with a rubberized non-slip coating and responsive, high quality controls.

My one gripe centers around the HID support (or lack thereof) for devices other than Android. Nyko says the controller is HID compatible but it shows up as a keyboard on PC and Macs making it unusable as a game controller on those platforms. It would have been nice if the Playpad Pro could work as a standard bluetooth controller across all platforms.

But that gripe aside, this is a device marketed at Android and Amazon Fire TV users and will work well on those platforms.

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DISCLOSURE: I received this product through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.

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  1. Lon… does this controller will work great with the Nvidia Shield Portable? I whant to use it like console mode so I guess using the right stik will activate the mouse pointer on the shield?????

  2. I just want to ask i already paired the nyko controller to my ipad mini but it cant play any gameslike metal slug or any icade games. Is there version of ios to work fine in nyko?

  3. Shame, a lot of the great tech you review is not available in the UK or just expensive, besides it looks like a great controller, however it is 'currently unavailable' in the amazon.com store.

  4. They are repurposing their WiiU Pro controllers. I just bought a couple of them off of the clearance rack for $10.

    If it is viewed as a keyboard, you should be able to map it to most emulators, and many PC games allow you to map buttons. It may not be viewed as a controller by windows, but being seen as a keyboard and mouse isn't all bad.

  5. if it shows up as keyboard you might have to remap the keys to match game controls in pc. don't know about mac. looks good. needed something to hold phone onto it, then it will be perfect


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