Marbotic Smart Words Wooden Letters Kit with Alpha Monster app – toy and app demo for kids


Our video presentation of Alphamonster by Marbotic. In this video we show you letters A through J.

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iPad only:

About the app:

A set of interactive alphabet/phonics activities helping kids discover names and sounds of letters.

The app works only with the Marbotic Smart Letters wooden set!

Activities include: interactive flashcards (place a letter on the screen and the app will recognize it and display relevant animation), interactive alphabet and a set of mini games, e.g. matching letters with their sounds or recognizing lowercase/cursive versions.

What we liked: excellent concept: combines the attractiveness of an iPad app with physical letters. Good variety of simple activities for letter recognition and learning. Works very well – we haven’t experienced any problems with the wooden letters. Very easy to use. No ads or other distracting features. Available in 8 languages.

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Age range: 4+
Original Appysmarts Score: 97/100
Platform: iPad

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