Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game


PETITOY Magnetic Fishing Game
The 46 Piece Magnetic Fishing Game is fun for kids of all ages and makes a great educational toy for toddlers and kids. Help them develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, color and shape recognition. This game sparks their imagination and sense of wonder with the world.
Includes a bonus gift puzzle game with an additional 54 pieces of animals!

Portable for Travel
All pieces fit into the storage box for easy cleanup or fun on the go. Easy to carry. Play while traveling or outdoors.

Quality MaterialsPuzzle pieces are made of high-quality wood with rounded, smoothed edges to ensure lasting, safe fun! Non-toxic paint keeps pictures bright and colorful. The game comes in a convenient package.

Multiple Games in One
Many ways to play! Each game teaches the child valuable skills.

Number Game
Compete to see who can catch the most fish! Use the magnetic rod to try to catch as many as you can, then count the totals for each player at the end of the game. Whoever has the most wins! Each piece also has a number underneath to teach number skills, counting and arithmetic.

Letter Game
There is a wooden piece for each letter of the alphabet. Children can fish for the letters in order or try to spell words. Toddlers can learn each letter and sound, colors, and how to spell and read words. Use to help them study sight words or create their own words.

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