Let's Look At – Sugar Cube Bittersweet Factory! [PC]


The only game with pants happier than Ron Jeremy’s!

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  1. Well you had to say basicly "i agree" in about 5 diffrent ways and you could have just said "i agree with everything you are saying"

  2. Clearly you aren't a frequent viewer of his TBOI LP… the things said and seen, cannot be erased from your mind.

  3. This game looks very frustrating and sounds very annoying. Also, it's almost like a children's game. I had never heard of it, but now I regret it that I ever did.

  4. Hahaha, I'm childish, yet you're the one who's obviously so bum sore that they're cursing every other word.
    Go back to elementary school, kiddo.

  5. NL i think you should stop reviewing puzzle platformers or puzzlers in general, it doesnt feel like it meshes with you at all, and they always come out to be slightly annoying videos <.< just my opinion
    of course theres always the blockbuster ones that come out, I think that's fine to show us but these little crappy platformers not worth mentioning shouldnt be worth a video

  6. Are you going to say ATM Machine next? Are you going to claim that it's 'a joke' just to try and save yourself yet again?

  7. Northernlion's key to being awful at video games: Always hold every button you can at all times with no regard for what is going on in the game

  8. NL u still have some sound problems apparently. this is not with FTL spelunky or TBoI. so im not really mador anything ^^

  9. by the way your audio is a by alot in this vid, might be just my youtube though it has been acting up all day


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