Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Locations for Gigs and Appearances


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Welcome to GamerU’s video tip on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game. This video focuses on teaching you where to go for gigs and appearances.
On your way to fame, you will be traveling and working in several different cities ranging from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Punta Mita, Paris and more. You will be traveling to each destination by plane, bus or vehicle if you choose to purchase one. In the beginning, your manager will tell you where your gigs are located but that won’t be the case as the game progresses. You’ll also be charged a small fee each time you travel so it’s important to make a mental note on where your gigs are at to avoid wasting your hard earned money.
Here’s a list of destinations you’ll be traveling to for work along with the city they’re located in:
In Downtown LA, you’ll find: Pop Glam, your first apartment, DuLuxe LifeStyle Apartments and So Chic, your first retail job where Kim discovers you.
In Hollywood, CA, you’ll find: Luna Condos, The Brew Palms, CTM Management & Publicity, where you’ll meet with your manager, Simon and publicist, Maria and lastly, Mirimount Pictures.
Located in Beverly Hills, CA, you’ll find: Metropolitan Magazine, Panino Restaurant and Kim’s Mansion.
In Calabasas, CA, you’ll find: A Mansion for purchase, the original Kardash and your significant others house.
When flying in and out of Los Angeles, you’ll be flying from LAX and in the neighborhood, you’ll find: The West Inn Apartments and the Championship Business Center.
Moving on to fabulous, Las Vegas! In this city, you’ll find: the airport, Chateau Nuit Nightclub, Miraggio Grande Restaurant and Glamm Magazine.
In Miami, you’ll find: the airport, LIF Nightclub, Kardash – Miami and a beach house for purchase.
Located in New York – Soho, you’ll find: Kardash – New York, Oak Nightclub and Muse Magazine.
In New York – Tribeca – you’ll find: The Ganzervele Hotel, Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts and The Gates Towers.
You’ll also have the opportunity to travel to a few international destinations!
Located in Punta Mita, Mexico, you’ll find: a villa for purchase, El Canario restaurant and Paraiso De Playa Beach.
In Paris, France, you’ll find: Hotel Utopie, La Rue restaurant and Femme studios.
Lastly, we have London, England where you’ll find: The Britannia Ballroom, Club Tulip and a flat for purchase. Making a cheat sheet of all these locations will definitely save you a ton of money and frustration. That’s it for this video tip!


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  2. I turn on that game (it's 2 years ago my last play) and I don't remember where is Simon's office/house (I really don't know). Can someone help?

  3. I can't get any kollection because when I tap play nothing happen someone please help me I really want all of those 😭💔


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