Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Tutorial TOUR OF EVERY HOME, FURNISHING AND PET PART 1 #klulessklan


Hi #klulessklan! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and in this video we begin our super fun and amazing tour of every home, furnishing, decoration and pet (oh, and cars!) available in KKH! Every single one! This includes all dwellings – NOT just homes! So you will get to see all the SO CHICs and the gym and nightclub!

In Part One we tour:

1. Downtown LA and meet Charli the cat and the Goldfish
2. Luna Condos in Hollywood and our Boxer dog
3. The expansive Calabasas home (largest home in the game) fully complete with all furnishings and the ADORABLE Pomeranian in his cute little sweater!
4. Private Plane…including all purchasable items on the tarmac and interior and the Pug! We own it all!
5. Napa Valley
6. Big Sur and the Valentine’s Day Maltese puppy
7. Tribeca Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts
8. The gorgeous and tropical Punta Mita home
9. The Hotel Utopie deluxe apartment in Paris where our gorgeous Weimaraner lives
10. Tokyo, Japan and our fluffy Akita
11. So Chic in San Diego
12. LA So Chic
13. So Chic Hamptons
14. Iceland – Nightclub and THE POLAR BEAR!
15. Milan and the beyond words cute French Bulldog!
And of course we take a peek into the..
16. Nursery in each and every one of our homes!

All these homes in this THREE PART series are completely furnished and come with their respective pets.

Totally exciting!

Part Two goes up on Wednesday night!

xx, KK


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  1. idk if it was out when u recorded this, but the bel air estate is actually the largest house in the game as of april 2020. the exterior is customizable and the interior as many different rooms with many different furnishings to choose from and decorate each room with. the best part is that it’s free and you compete with willow pape to get it and you’ll most likely win! i love, love, love the bel air mansion and you get to do 8 hr reality tv show shoots showcasing your house that have a decent pay out and rewards and the house is also a date location for you and your partner. the house includes a bedroom, nursery, kitchen, glam room, design studio, grotto, pool, pet sanctuary, and dining room. (i believe there’s a few more, but i forget)

  2. I can't get any kollection because when I tap play nothing happen someone please help me I really want all of those 😭💔

  3. Hii! Do you maybe know how can I marry my ex-husband. I accidentally divorced him, and I want to get back with him, but I don't know how. PLS HELP MEE!

  4. Is the person at 26:06 supposed to be a reference to when Kris got an allergic reaction at the beach on an episode of KUWTK? Please don't kill me if that's not the case.


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