Kan Jam Flying Disc Game


Simple and fun outdoor game.

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Classic lawn games (such as horseshoes, lawn darts, corn hole, and washers) are great games because they’re simple enough for anyone to play (even with one hand holding a beverage) but challenging enough to be fun.

Please welcome Kan Jam to this exclusive party! It’s the super-fun game that combines the skill of tossing a flying disc with some of the rules of washers.

Each team of two players takes turns throwing the included flying disc at the plastic can. Striking the can with an assist from your teammate (harder than it sounds!) gives you one point. A solo strike to the can’s outside wall awards you two points. And gliding the disc directly into the slot on the front results in an instant win!

Anyway you score it, you’re going to have a good time playing Kan Jam!


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