Kallax The Best TV stand for game collections !! ( and Best inserts for games / consoles)


After my video on the Tv side of my game room I keep evolving the space. One issue was how to Display and play my top loading consoles. I spent some time looking to find the best tv stand and it is the Kallax. I go in depth as to why and the many add ons! Collect what you love! You guys are awesome!

Items in the video can be found on Ikea’s Website here :
(Just search kallax) their site is very slow. EDIT : The Kallax shelf divider I used to make multiple shelf spaces seems to have been removed from their site. It could still be in store however

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  1. Had someone ask about the Shirt I wear all the time. Its the Collect What You Love shirt! I get 2-3dollars or so per sale of these so it certainly helps the channel out and helps me to test more ideas. You can find them here if you are interested! Also Mugs,Pillows,sweatshirts,stickers etc! https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirts/diskcart

  2. Awesome buddy thank you so much I just moved my game room and needed an idea for what to have I really love your set up and have subscribed to your channel I just got monetised so at the beginning of my journey really glad I found your channel 😊

  3. Great video! This was helpful, as I didn't know Ikea had most of these inserts other than the baskets and such for these. I'm about to do some rearranging, and I may pick some of these up.

  4. I have one of these for my record collection. The small 2×2 ones are infact built solid. I can stand on it and it doesn't wobble at all. Great video. Awesome game room.

  5. I pieced together 6 of those wooden crates they sell at Walmart, Home Depot. You can fit 2 consoles per crate. Plus, it’s easy to make inserts for the standing upright crates. My set up holds 10 retro console and on the bottom holds all my strategy guides.

  6. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best tv stand scafe.shop/tbts2019?pt hope it helps you out too!"

  7. I use these shelves and I loved this video. I wish they had acrylic doors for them to keep the dust off and still display items.

  8. Thanks so much for making this video, I went to Ikea to get two of the first ones you showed, they were out of stock of the slide ins. Its amazing how great they look. I hope I can get a slide in soon

  9. Loved my first time At ikea!! Awesome video by the way!! Did you have to customize the backboard? Or did it come with the kallax stand? mine didn’t come with the backboard for some reason 😩 now i have to go to Home Depot & make a backboard myself

  10. This is an awesome video! I have a Target brand organizer so I'd have to see if it would work with its dimensions. I wonder if there would be a way to rig something like a sliding drawer mechanism to slide out the consoles to swap games and cords easier? With this not being solid wood it may not be a good idea to drill into it too much. But perhaps there could be other ways to install a sliding mechanism. I couldn't find an item already made that would work. Keep up the great work!

  11. Well , you just earned another subscriber. If you dont mind Id like to take some of your ideas and run with them , thanks.

  12. Awesome work as always, dude! I knew about the drawer inserts (though I use the fabric ones) but never noticed all the shelving option ones! Weirdly enough I'm about to buy a white kallax also and I'm almost certainly going to use some of these ideas to give me some more storage in what is largely an empty room right now!

  13. I have some cube style shelves and they are so good. They are light weight and have so many options. I can put the systems in the front and the Blu Rays/DVDs in the back.

  14. I've had a huge Kallax (well, Expedit, but that was what came before Kallax) TV unit for years and I love it, I use the H inserts to divide cubes and it comfortably houses my 55" TV and nearly all of my 22 non-handheld consoles, probably would take them all but a couple aren't set up. It's also great for board game storage too.

  15. Oh man, those inserts!!! I love that! With the cube shelving we have, I'm often thinking about all of that wasted, open space above the consoles and would love some of these–I wonder if the inserts would fit what we already have…hmmm… Very well done!!

  16. You definetly nailed it with the inserts. !!!! I really love your tv stand. I will make some positive changes in my room thanks to this idea. Awesome video!

  17. I need to customize my TV stand with a whole bunches of systems connecting to one TV. I couldn't find any. I wanted a separate division for each consoles and a glass door cover to protect against dust and hair but with an opening in the back for wiring. Plus it got to have breathing room so the consoles wont get overheated. Presently, I used my sister's old stereo cabinet with a glass door. I threw out all the old stereo, tape player, receiver and record player in the trash. Kinda regret throwing the record player now. My sister ask me if I wanted the cabinet or it will end up in the trash. That was almost 20 years ago. I'm glad I got it. It can hold up to 8-10 consoles at one time. On one side to open up the door, it use to hold up video tapes. I thought I got rid of them but there were some video tapes. There was Braveheart, Forrest Gump, and some manga anime copies from the 90s. Also, hmh. Xxx movies. I could use the side for controllers and wires. Now I think about it. That's a good option for the side. It's a good stereo cabinet but ages have come and it has aged. Squeaking glass door. Unhinged screw. Wood color stain and chipped. It's falling apart but holding steadily. They don't make this kind of cabinet now. A newer version cost about $150-$250.

  18. I built my own console stand a few years back for around $120 for all supplies. I can't remember exactly since I'm not at home, but I believe I have 12 consoles on it with my TV on top. Besides building one, this is a great option, I love Ikea! I use Ikea end tables and a display case in my game room, and we have a lot of other Ikea furniture and accessories in our house.

  19. Game room is coming together very nicely, next is a framemeister and you're truly all set!! But seriously thanks for mentioning some of the inserts… I had no idea those existed!

  20. Nice setup man! I honestly need to invest in some of these units myself. They look great and I like all the different customization options.

  21. They also have a great insert for the kallax that looks like a tie fighter when it's out, it's a H shape and it fits in and make the shelf to be able to put 2 consoles in, so I have 2 consoles in each gap, and again hides wires.

  22. Great content! I was unaware of all the awesome attachments for the Kallax. Gave me some ideas to display my collectibles.

  23. I use the 5 wide, 2 tall Kallax for my TV stand and to hold all of my consoles. It came with two of these older Expedit shelf divider inserts. I took those apart and made four half shelf dividers so I could fit more consoles. I need more half shelf dividers like this. The glass ones you showed would work well.

  24. Nice overview! I really like the grey slide in box. It's a clever design even though functionally all it does is add a dividing shelf to each compartment.
    What are the interior dimensions of each compartment? These are typically around a foot cubed, is this IKEA unit any larger? Twelve inches fits most consoles well, but there are some outliers that can't quite fit that space.

  25. Have you talked about the different ways of hooking up consoles? If not I'd like to see a video on that. I think everyone knows the best cables to use by now but the best way to route them and have it look nice is a whole different ball game.

  26. This is not a bad idea. I actually use one for my nintendo power mag collection.

    As far as Toploaded Gaming goes (see what I did there? lol) I pieced together a gondola riser and I can customize where my shelves sit. This also allowed me to find actual nintendo marketing to decorate the shelf with, such as the mario peg paper from toys r us, as well as their marketing strips. I love it! I intend on finding a Top bracket mounting nintendo logo eventually.

    As always man great video.

  27. Ikea HYPE! Also always fun to hear a foreigner pronounce Ikea names! 😀 those shelfs are the best though. We managed to find one already assembled in the return area just before the check outs back home. Perfect for his SNES and cartridges.


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