iOS Game Development Tutorial 1: Sprite Kit Intro and Scrolling Backgrounds


In this first installment in my new tutorial series I explain the basics of Xcode’s SpriteKit framework and show you how to add a scrolling background to a sprite kit game!

Throughout the series I will be using artwork that I made, you can grab the zip of all the files at this link:

Also I just want to say thank you for my channel reaching 1K subs! I try to make tutorials that are short enough to not be a huge time commitment while still giving a good explanation of everything going on. I hope to provide many more useful tutorials whenever I have some spare time.


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  1. Pretty soothing tutorial to my ears. One thing I am dying to tell you that by setting anchor point to CGPointzero, you are not setting anchor point to the centre of image or bottom centre. CGPointzero will set the anchor point of image right at the bottom left hand corner.

  2. Please explain how we can make the background go up not to the side, tried it and can't make it. Please reply!

  3. Dude great tutorial thanks, just 1 question.

    in the "for" to add the background sprites, you said that its going to repeat twice but, why there is that code of "i < 2 + self.frame.width / (backgroundTexture.size.width * 2)"?

    whats its purpose?.

    Tnx in advance.


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