I'M "FLEE" FALLING (i'm not sorry…) | Fleeing the Complex


Fleeing the Complex is one of the FUNNIEST games I’ve played in a long time! Also I got ALL medals, ALL secrets, and ALL endings!
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Boy I sure do fleel bad about that pun…

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  1. ⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ At the end of 2020 we are going to yell “JUMANJI!” to get out of this year!

    Please copy and paste this somewhere else, I've been doing this for so long-

  2. 1:36 I laughed 48 hours straight non-stop after watching this the first time which was a while ago.

  3. I just realized that quite a few of the sound effects are from Team Fortress 2. I love it when I figure these things out.

  4. So nobody is gonna talk about that the stickman character, Henry
    is holding on Ellie, her friend’s chest like a pole? at 5:22

  5. Henry & Peperonis need 2 weapons! Henry: Gernade or Sniper rifle. Ellie: Crossbow or Taser. (warning) 3:12 6:03 3:02 3:33
    Choose a Toss 3:50 or Pass by 6:35 or Blend in 6:49.
    Choose a Ballon 10:15 or Button 9:38 or Bungee 10:03.
    Please choose to leave a Rocket 11:31 or S.S.Annie 11:42 or Dinghy 12:00.
    Choose a Snipe 18:26 or Minihelicopter 18:38 or 18:01 Charles.
    Please choose to rescue a Down 19:03 or Right 19:25 or Up 19:16 or Left 19:31.
    Complete all medals 32:06. (Thank you so much for watching. Presented by: Stickpage)

  6. You know how in the slingshot thing there's the button clicking?
    On the one that tricks you
    Wait a few seconds
    Then there's another button! And you get the medal after doing a lot more clicking

  7. I've spotted two references so far that Mark didn't point out as I'm rewatching this
    The Longshot: A thing in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time that only works on wood.
    The balance option: It's referencing Luigi's Mansion when you have to walk across stuff and balance.


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