I Redesigned my Favorite Game Icons with 3D Software (Custom Desktop Icons)


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Hey! We all know that 3d software is getting better and better these days. Today, I put myself to the test to see how easily I could redesign and switch out some of my favorite game’s desktop icons with custom ones made entirely in 3d! Blender is open-source software with a growing community.

Just Cause 3:
For this game, a new 3d desktop icon was necessary. The current one is very pixelated. I made an icon utilizing the grapple feature in Just Cause 3.

Probably my favorite game of all time, I think the current desktop icon is fine, but I just wanted to customize it some more. I went for a random/voxel look for this icon.

Icons folder:
My Keyboard:
My Mouse:
My Drawing Tablet:
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Outro music by soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired
Video by Daniel Krafft

Video by Daniel Krafft

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  1. If you all want better minecraft textures then the terrible upscaled stuff you get on google images, it’s simple. Go to the wiki of whatever version you want the texture from. Download the client. Change the file extension from .jar to .zip (or whatever file format you can unpack). Then boom, you got a .zip containing all the textures from that version. Do make sure you use closest texture filtering in blender or you will get a blurry mess.

  2. Is it bad I feel like you gave me motivation to start ACTUALLY learning how to use blender then I open it up and my mind just goes blah

  3. Am i going to be the only one who asks how he changes the desktop icon because if everyone else knows and i don't i'll feel like an idiot

  4. Is there a similar way to do that kind of like sculpting in Maya? Kind of like at 1:03. I know how to subdivide and add edge loops, but it's much more difficult to manipulate it afterwards. Though, I could just be doing something wrong.


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