Hunting Small Game. Primitive Archery & Flintlock hunting for squirrels and rabbits


In this video Ryan Gill uses a bow & arrow and Flintlock to hunt small game. Rabbit and squirrels beware as Ryan brings out the primitive bow and flintlock to bring home the meat. Follow along on Ryan’s Adventures by subscribing on YouTube or via email by clicking this link.

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  1. Something ima try with my slingshot is loading it with a bunch of super small rocks and shooting it all at once kinda like birdshot I dunno if it’s gonna work or just wind up hurting me lol

  2. Hmm personally i'm more interested in how to make primitive traps and snares that would catch small game instead. Bringing a gun to squirrel fight is kinda overkill and wasteful (Note i'm a complete newbie to hunting with only theoretical knowledge and no practical ones). Nevertheless good video.

  3. Yea haw it's raining tree rats. Yum. A good friends mom makes the best squirrel pot pie. Take her 6 ready to cook rats and in 2 to 3 days she has the little buggers all wrapped in a smooth vegie stew defined and wrraped up with the thickest pie crust ya ever have tasted.

  4. Kudos! Stalking within range of small prey with only primitive tools and filming at the same time, must have been stupid hard!

  5. Excellent video! What caliber is your rock lock? I have a 50 but I think it's too heavy for squirrels and would like to get a 36. I currently use a Brown Bess carbine and use #4 shot since it patterns the best in my weapon. Any opinion?

  6. It's funny, but I did stuff like this 55 yrs ago. It would never have occurred to me, I don't think, to video/film it and publicize it. I could do it again if I had to, but I don't have the slightest interest. Handy skill, though.

  7. A smoothbore flintlock long gun or blanket gun would pair well with a bow given you could shoot arrows from both.

  8. My only flintlock is a brass barrel blunderbuss replica. The 10 gauge shot load chopped a half chord of wood get at that snowshoehare behind deep cover of dense spruce.

  9. Going to hunt with my Tvm smooth bore tomorrow morning. It took Matt 9 months to build mine. Great video thanks God bless.


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