1 – add origin exe as a non steam game, not the games exe. and make its running in windows 7 compatibility mode for origin AND the game

2 – disable ‘origin in game’ from the origin main settings, and also do it for the game separately, by clicking on the settings cog after you’ve clicked the game, go down to game properties and uncheck ‘Enable origin in game for XXXX’

3 – make sure the game is set to run in windowed mode or borderless windowed, not fullscreen (it will look full screen on the steam link so don’t worry)

4 – make sure your desktop is not forcing a higher resolution with vsr. Run @ 1920×1080 or lower

5 – make sure origin is closed (check task menu)

6 – then just click your game on your steam link, it will say “origin is running in compatibility mode bla bla bla” just hit continue

7 – origin will start up, just click on the game and hit play 🙂

You can add any origin game to steam, just make sure you change the ‘Target’ and ‘Start in’ from your games properties in steam to your Origins exe location

R9 290X
i7 4790
16gb ram 1866
Z97 pro wifi ac
Windows 10 pro x64

PS4 controller

Optoma GT1080 “150 screen


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  1. Hey thanks for the vid. I got an xbox controller. Should I hook it up to my steam link in order to play fifa 20 on my TV? Any other steps I should take?

  2. Did u fool us by renaming origin in the steam and calling it fifa. you then opened origin using steam and then started the game using origin ultimately.

  3. Is there any way to get the wii u pro controller to work on Origin games? I seem to be hitting an impass (either that or the games I'm trying to on, ME1, don't support controllers, which may also be the issue).

  4. To me it looks like it's the compatibility mode/Origin Overlay that does the trick. Thanks for this. Game Polled normally now.

  5. i have xbox one controller and in the steam link on fifa it appears with the mouse and keyboard lul i already check the windows 7 compatibility mode

  6. I have a question. When I want to play Fifa 17 with steam link and xboxcontroller the settingsmenu doesnt work with the controller (though i can use it as a mouse: very annoying). I want to switch formations with the rb and lb buttons etc.
    The way it is now I added origin and fifasetup.exe as a nonsteam game.
    Plus FIFA is so slow… while i have connect the steamlink by wire. Other games run smooth.

    Before someone askes about my pc.: when I connect it with hdmi to my tv it runs smooth on ultimate settings.

    Please: does someone know how to setup Fifa 17 so I can play with Steam Link?

  7. I followed your guide but I'm still struggling to make it work properly.
    the only way I found to achieve the overlay is uninstalling the AMD drivers.
    do you have any other suggestions?
    I'm using a steam controller in win 10.

  8. Hello… do you use some Software to play with the Controller? My Controller isn´t working for Origin games…

  9. Man, I hope this works, been dick'n around with Titan Fall 3 for weeks and still haven't got it to work over Link…. Thanks for the video


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