How to play GURPS (RPG tutorial) – All in a Night's Work


Shane learns to play GURPS using the All In A Night’s Work solo adventure that GM (and Steve Jackson Games MIB program rep) Tony Dutra has modified for use with GURPS 4th Edition. We’re also joined by veteran GURPS GM Warren “Mook” Wilson (author of “How to be a GURPS DM”)! If you want to learn to play this fantastic RPG system, need a refresher, or enjoy the schadenfreude of watching me flail around like a noob, this video is for YOU!

Special bonus: Shane blasts a dude’s nads!

This video is was created by me for use with GURPS from Steve Jackson Games to help with learning to play GURPS. This video is not “official” or endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

How to Create A GURPS Character companion video:

Link to the actual “Tony the Mook” GURPS character sheet used in this video:

Tony (the GM in this video) has public GURPS files here (including the character sheet template):


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  1. Thanks for putting this up guys, I’ve loved it, always liked GURPS but could only play once or twice, and I was very young so didn’t got the whole role playing very well, so got scared by the amount of rules and charts. I used to have the Supers supplement, and spent many hours building characters there, that book is one of my favorite of all times and I’ve played WoD and D&D way more, is that GURPS allow for such a deep dive.

    Regarding rewards I believe that it has the same premise as I see in others and the implementation fits very well the system. XP is what the name implies right, is how familiar you are with what you are playing, in D&D you will fight your way to glory, that’s why fighting rewards you and allow you to get into a harder and more involved part of the game. In GURPS, the more points (at least in Supers) you allow the harder is to build and play the character in the game, villains are really scary to be of any challenge and also the situations you are put into (it’s not fair or fun to put Superman to fight petty burglars), so better to start playing with few points and the better you get in the game, the more familiar you are with the way it works, the more points you get to work with and explore the nuances.

  2. My Ex-gurps GM absolutely HATED anything associated with a crappy pre-designed adventure, listed. Thief? (maybe a badly designed one?) Yeesh.

  3. Going by the book, the situation should have been handled as a "partial surprise" (B393). If Tony the mook had loose, he would have been "mentally stunned" thus enabling the situation exactly as described in the written adventure (the man wakes up, grab, ready a knife and pull a knife to the throat). BUT, Tony could even achieve surpise HIMSELF, or they could have had a fair fight.
    Anyhow, saying that "you cannot do anything, because my NPC has already done 4 ROUND OF ACTIONS without giving you any chance to react) is bad gming and VERY unfair.

  4. "It does what armor would really do and reduces the amount of damage you're taking"
    That's wrong.
    At least for bladed weapons like swords armor would negate basically all damage that you'd take from a cut if your opponent hits the armor.

  5. Again, thanks for the video mate, really enjoyed this, I've got the GURPS books and would love to GM it but wanted to see it in action and it was a lot of fun to watch these two videos and learn the basics, it was hilarious you getting Max in the nads!

    Have you played or GMed a GURPS campaign since these GURPS videos at all?

  6. I have issues with the combat sequence: If the guard put the knife to the throat (without any chance for the player to do anything), still – the character should have an opportunity to do something as part of the "the guard empties out the bag and leads you outside" part – is all of this done with the knife to the throat at all times? Perhaps the thief could get a stealth roll to ready his own knife? The guard seems quite confident in his ability, and believes – at least partially – Tony the mook's story.
    There should be some opportunity here, is what I am saying 🙂
    But – every gm is lord and master of his own game.

  7. Great walkthrough. I'm just about to start GMing my first properly prepared GURPS campaign. Only issue I have is the focus (20-25 min abouts) on character development. My group haven't used kills as tha basis for xp in d&d for….. 20 years? And I do not think we are unique in that practice.

  8. I liked the video. Shane is pretty kewl and reasonable. The gm would have frustrated me. I am glad the video exists though.

  9. For future reference, all of my public assets, including those for this game and other convention one-shots I've done, are located here:

  10. Tony had some problems about moving up and down the numbers in the adventure. i was thinking about making a solo adventure similar to this (In a museum, picking between the guard, the thief or, if in 2, both) maybe it woud be easier to make two different type. one easy to navigate for the master and one labyrintic for the solo player

  11. Great video! I do have a question, how was the macro for rolling made? The one where the skill input pops up and after it says "X has a margin of success of (Skill – 3d6)". I would like to use it for one of my own GURPS campaigns!


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