How to make a shop or item store in 2D Unity game. Simple Unity 2D tutorial.


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In this video I will show you how to create a simple shop for your Unity game. We will create a game scene where our girl character earn some coins and then she will be able to spend her money in the game shop to buy a rifle and continue her dangerous journey with a gun.

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    Неделю убил на поиск раюотающего в разных сценах магазина

  2. Hey Alexander, I should be able to combine shop control script and game control script together into 1 script right?

  3. Hi Alex your video are awesome. I have 1 question i dont know how to solve. How to keep updating Coin trough various scene? Becouse every scene keep recorded the Coin of that scene and not updating

  4. I would just like to toggle the gun on and off on the click of another button but since isRifleSold is an int that we set once, it forces rifle.SetActive to true. There must be a simple way to toggle purchased item on and off….

  5. Thanks for the tutorial video 🙂 one more thing, how can I apply to all scenes the amount of coins the player earned? Instead of "c" in SceneManager.LoadScene (c); how can I apply it to all scene? Thank you 😀

  6. Здравствуйте Александр. А можете сделать такой же туториал, но с несколькими предметами для покупок (пистолет, дробовик и т. д.)?

  7. Hello, quick question what if I wanted to unequip or deactivate the item bought how would I do that? Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Спасибо за урок) правда я не знаю английский, но вроде все понятно. В сл раз объясняй так, чтобы все понимали 🙂

  9. Great tutorial but when i am in game and pause and click back to main menu button, i loose my money from the game. How do i continue with the money i got from in game?

  10. Классный Видео, А как сделать чтобы при покупке изменить главный персонаж на другой?

  11. About the player preferences: how/where are they being stored? Is it a script that is visible by all other objects?


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