How To Format A Screenplay – 5 Basic Elements : FRIDAY 101


This week, Russell goes over five basic elements of screenplay formatting. Next week, we discuss more advanced formatting, and answer any questions you have about how to format in any special situations.
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  1. Do I really need the software to keep indenting to the center for conversation and the overall format? It seems hard to keep doing everytime with just Microsoft word to me.

  2. That means we also write down what the cameraman has to do? (For example: "camera shows door from the outside and then how it opens up from the inside of the house"

    Please a quick answer

  3. Here I am wanting to write a script for Hazbin Hotel

    Knock knock, Dr. Doobydoo, THAT WILL NEVER BE AN EPISODE

  4. Good for everyone who click on this video and trying to put 1 foot in front of the other, much luck. Marathon🏁.

  5. Thanks man, for the refresher course , I've always relied on the software to do it for me but it better to know the basics! And I've been using celtx for 2 yrs now.

  6. You can always tell how good someones ability to make a screenplay is based on their ability to make a how to video.And the fact that this guy explained 5 things in six minutes makes him worthy an academy award.

  7. Western needs an upper case W. Your descriptive text is over four lines. Use space to denote different camera angles. .This is how I direct the camera suggestions for the director. Wryly should be only a few words. Example: (adjusts mirror ) If he needs to see the passenger put it in the descriptive text. If you are producing your own script it's okay. But if you are entering screenplay contests you should be correct or you will be disqualified. Sorry, I do my own editing and have made several of your mistakes. Learning the basics is a must if you wish to be produced or win contests.

  8. OMG! Is Kotoka among the airports with the longest runways in the world??
    You're seconds away from this wisdom.



  9. I don't think the format matters, as long as it has all the key information and is understandable, I think it's fine.

  10. do you think you could send an email of a draft or something so i can get a better idea for writing my screen play, if you can: thanks so much

  11. If you're finding a free sceiptwriting software. It is :- Kitscenarist.
    You can visit here
    And oh beleive me it is equal to the paid softwares but none talks about it. Try it out my friend.

  12. Does Celtx the same as every real professional script software? Particularly the page count. Would 130 pages in Celtx on a iPad be 130 pages in a actual screenplay or would it be shorter? I’m asking this because I’ve got 130 pages and I’m concerned that I’m overwriting. But also the page on Celtx on a iPad feels shorter so I don’t know, if you guys could help me out I’ll appreciate it very much.


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