How to Fix Crackling or Popping Audio Problem on Windows 10


How to Fix Crackling or Popping Audio Problem on Windows 10

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How do I fix YouTube stuttering?

This fix works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.

Why does my YouTube sound choppy? I will show you How to Fix Sound or Audio Problems on Windows 10. I have be plagued with audio issues on Windows 10, I get interference when recording audio, I suffer a number of issues with audio, like popping, crackling, stuttering and when playing games I get robotic voice which is probably cause by buffer underrun and the same goes when streaming audio.

Stuttering audio, Sound Lag and Crackling Audio when stream videos on YouTube, these are all very common and hopefully this fix will resolve your problem.

Why is Windows 10 causing audio distortion/stuttering with Realtek?
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  2. Many thanks buddy, ur video really helped me out
    To show my appreciation, I'll subscribe to you which is somthing I never do, as I find I find it worthless.
    ^_^ props to you for being the one to help me
    ___keep on (drive)ing

  3. Wow, this was super helpful! Especially since I know literally nothing about computers, lol. Within ten minutes of noticing that I had this problem, I was able to watch and easily understand this video to get it to stop! 🙂

  4. Ok i had a constant clicking comign through my usb headset and i tried all these youtube videos with no sucess. The way i solved it was turned of my bluetooth on windows. And instantly there is no annoying noise anymore. It must have been disturbing my headset which was plugged in right next to it. Hope this helps someone!

  5. It's so helpful that there are no crackling issue solution in Korean web. happening to me only, does it convincing issue…

  6. …standard amateur solutions – fixes nothing. Heavy screen activity will disturb the sound – a grating problem after Microsoft killed off DirectSound support in one of the newer updates. Also because USB is now a integrated part of the CPU. Try a PCI USB card that runs independantly.

  7. 1. Please what driver did you use for the Bluetooth
    2. and where can i buy the keyboard light for my e6400 model
    3. My fingerprint driver not working
    4. Can I upgrade my CPU to ccorei5

  8. Great job. It fixed my problem. I have a older motherboard with a old quad core. I had no problems on Win 7. Win 10 lots of sound pops. I am using a older AMD video card with the sound going through HDMI. I tried several drivers and many other things. I had changed several sound settings several times. I still had pops. Changing from balanced power to high performance fixed my problem.

  9. Thanks for this, I’ve been having sound issues for nearly a week which is a pain when mixing in ableton live daw but this video has cured my pc thank you so much 😀👍😎

  10. omg thank you so much for this, i was so worried just a while ago what went wrong with my laptop or my earphone

  11. fuck windows fuck p.c. I have had it! Apple for life, so tired of the bullshit, I just want to have clear audio, HOw f-n hard is it

  12. If you try every thing and nothing seems to work and what finally fixed the distorted noise issue for me was installing a newer version of windows 10 and after that it ran like a charm, I just partitioned the SSD and installed a newer windows 10 and run good!

  13. you dont know if its been resolved you diidnt even test it.. i mean … i did the same with same results but my issues still there so …


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