How FNC Rekkles Avoids Getting Bodied on Immobile ADCs


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Video Description:
In this video we talk about how you can prevent getting bodied on immobile ADC’s like Jhin by analyzing a game from fnatic’s rekkles.

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  1. Wait but in a different video someone says to use jinn q to harass xayah because Jihn can’t match xayah wavevlear but in this he says jhin is doing a good job using his q to match xayah waveclear…….

  2. Rekkles avoids getting bodied on immobile adc, seems interesting. Here we will be looking at Fnatic Rekkles…as he plays Jhin…JHIN HAHAAHAHHA

  3. In another video with the exact same matchup you guys said not to try to match Xayah's wave clear as Jhin and to ONLY use Q's to harass, and called out the gold ADC every time he did exactly what Rekkles does in this video. In this video you praise it, but in the other you shun it?
    I don't understand.

  4. Make a video showing us how to recognize enemy champion's strengths​ and weaknesses and how do build a plan accordingly just like you guys do before every video

  5. Sooo on low elo bad habits no gameplan u said jhin shouldn't try to match wave clear of xayah with q on wave but… here it's okay. What??

  6. Gonna be real here, don't think that's reckless in the thumbnail, has a different jaw it seems like and overall stronger bone structure if we are comparing it to the photo shown at the beginning of the video to it

  7. I've watched like 4 of these videos and it's all about very early micro game laning. Should get into teamfighting and stuff.

  8. Does anyone know what the song is used in the ending of all these videos? I can't seem to find it in the description

  9. Jhin being one of the worst ADCs right now? That's an insanely wrong statement. Great videos nonetheless besides these weird claims.

  10. Can you do a video on Dopa's Twisted Fate ? Especially his mid to late game since he said the longer the game goes the higher is his winrate.

  11. please do dopa tf videos pls
    i want to know how he carry his team with tf in mid game and late game teamfights ……

  12. Unfortunatly he doesnt hit the tahm with his full combo

    Lol what? He d better be knocking tahm away or else his engage wouldve been a complete waste of mana and int

  13. Hello
    Love your vids, this is improving me a lot on my way to plat (and still climbing)
    In the last vids we saw how botlane matchups can play into their win conditions. I think this is clear for some from us. But none the less important is to know WHAT is your win conditions.
    I am jinx main, I know if I get with me so he useless on lvl 1 and I know the important of range against melee. I think if you can put a video on how to think about your win conditions on the laning phase. In what matchups I freeze, when to put the wave in the middle and when to push.

    Put a like if you agreed we me

  14. The real question is how he does anything on champions that can't move.
    Either that I forgot what the definition of 'immobile' is. 😐

  15. I´m sorry but this Video has nothing to do with the title.
    When you want to see How to Avoid Getting Bodied on Immobile ADCs you don´t look at the early laning or small skirmishes.
    Also he is against a botlane with Little engage.
    If you want to teach how to survive on immobile adc, Show a game vs a: alistar, rakan, thresh, blitz, braum shen or best leona. with an adc like tristana lucian….. where the immobility can get punished.
    Also take Clips from mid or late game teamfights where he has to Play around the cd of the enemy engages.
    In this Video he was never focused, had to evade a dive, or avoiding being chased down.
    This Video was about how he got an Advantage in an example on jhin but not: How FNC Rekkles Avoids Getting Bodied on Immobile ADCs.


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