At one point in the Pokemon series, the Game Corner was a staple location that you could visit to play games, as well as get some exclusive Pokemon and items. Although they haven’t been around for a decade, what would it take to get every item? Today we’re going to find out how easily you can win every prize in the Pokemon Game Corners. This video took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I’d really appreciate it if you shared this with a friend. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day 🙂


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  1. Heart Gold is still my favorite Pokémon game to this day. I like it not only because I played gold back in the day, but stand alone it's still an amazingly made game.

  2. I know how easy…. Just do the nugget glitch in cerulean city. Lol. Defeat your rival on the bridge, take out all the trainers on the bridge except for the very last trainer. Go back to the PC, withdraw your weakest level 2 pokemon. Go back, talk to the last trainer and intentionally lose. Before the battle he gives you a nugget. Keep losing, he keeps giving you nuggets. You can do it until you feel like stopped. I like to get 200,000-300,000 then continue on as usual

  3. If you're playing HG/SS on an emulator it completely trivializes "Voltorb Flip",because you can use savestates to ensure you never lose,thus speeding up the coin gathering considerably.

  4. I've literally never seen or heard a person say they liked Voltorb Flip, so the idea that most people would agree on that is so strange to me.

  5. Well you seem to be wrong about the 3rd generation Leaf Green and Fire Red casinos. I'll try to convice you.

    Basically, what I do is I spam A on the first two columns so the wheel moves only so few. This makes it easy to align the sevens. And then you need to time your A on the last one to gain the full 300 coins prize. I can send you proof if you want or even make a live grinding session. I can go up to 9999 coins in about 10 minutes given I time my buttons right.

    I'll also add that I tested this method both on an emulator and a legit console and legit game. It isn't rng generated at all. Patterns do come and go in a linear way. And I can prove it live.

  6. its not luck the game corner in fire red anf leaf green its skill i dont sa i am the best but i can get 7ns many times like at least 1 out of 10

  7. John, when I played Voltorb Flip, it seemed that whether or not you get dropped to a lower level depends on how early in the game you lose.

  8. Fuck Pegi for doing this to me since I just won an abra on the digital silver version I got.. I just need friends now to make the trade evolutions

  9. Red version taught me that gambling to get what you want is a waste of time. It's much easier to outright buy it or wait until you have a good opportunity to grab it.

  10. I went through Pokemon Red's elite four what felt like 100 fucking times grinding enough coins to buy porygon.

    My battery on Red version died a week later 🙂

  11. Not sure you covered it but there’s a secret reward in sin oh that’s 1 per save file to get the tm for explosion

  12. Why is a scyther more than a dratini
    Scyther was kinda cool but not more than a dratini Ironically both have mediocre final evolutions like it's like cool mystical dragon serpent then it fucking fuses with a magikarp and grows legs

    Scizor is cool though actually only dragonite was really that bad for how hyped up it is

    The magikarp evolving into dragonite and dragonair becoming gyrados theory makes so much sense but they prolly didn't wanna screw magikarp with 2 duds

    Even though Magikarps design at least makes sense it's unevolved

  13. Mah-dry-bread sent me. Along the way I took the Helix fossil. I knew if I didn't say what I say you all would have asked. Actually know how you think about it everyone go ahead and ask anyway comments are good for the YouTube algorithm.


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