History of Captain Scott's 1910-12 Terra Nova Expedition


This is a short history of Captain Scott and his ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition. His trip was the inspiration for Ben Saunders and the Scott Expedition.

Ben Saunders is preparing for arguably the most ambitious polar journey in history – an 1800 mile unsupported return journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole retracing Captain Scott’s footsteps.

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  1. Scott planned poorly and this was his downfall. His equipment was inadequate and his idea to rely on manhauling was brutal. The teams boots were hard leather and the men's socks were wet. They never were able to get adequate rest of food. Scott planned on 4 men and took 5. One man did not have skis. The weather should be expected to be Brutal in Antarctica. What did the expect? Amundsen dressed like an Inuit and Scott relied on a loose fitting overgarment of sealskin. They also relied on Woolens that were also INADEQUATE.

  2. This fails to mention Scott ordered the biggest, best-stocked depot dubbed "One Ton Depot" be set up 30 miles earlier than planned. Had he set up where the math said to, he would have arrived over 20 miles sooner than where they eventually ended up.

  3. I am allways inspired by the Diaries of Henry Falcon Scott at the memorial in Plymouth Mount Wise, See the video on youtube Chris Summerfield. As an ex member of Mountain Rescue in the RAF. Pushing ones self to the limits to achive a goal as well as a spiritual high. I can well relate to. Thanks for the video.

  4. my grandfather was born in 1900 in Trinidad . His name was Harry Atkinson Mckenzie. Atkinson was his god father. The same Atkinson who was part of the Scott expadition to the south pole, so I am told. I dont know much more then that but I remember it being mentioned a few times by my father and my Aunt. Our family was fractured and I never got the full story.

  5. Using modern materials the journey would not be nearly as difficult. The sledges would be about one fifth of the weight, and slide perfectly in minus 50. The clothing fit for purpose, and UV blocking sunglasses. Food technology is light years ahead. No snow blindness or scurvy. Sat-Nav to find the way, and almost certain rescue if it does go wrong.

  6. Here is the link to The Call of Aurora, an opera about Douglas Mawson's 1911-1914 expedition to Antarctica.
    Let me know what you think.
    The Call of Aurora by Joe Bugden

  7. This is just another bogus polar expedition by poorly prepared Brits. Scott essentially committed suicide with his debacle, whereas Amundsen prepared all his life for this, which he began far later than Scott began his trek. Besides that Amundsen took a much longer route with far more difficult terrain because he did not want to intrude on Scott. Scott was a fool and essentially an idiot who murdered his team members. Any fool could calculate that he did not take enough food and took too many men. If you want to read the definitive work on this subject, I strongly suggest The Last Place On Earth, by Roland Huntford, who, by the way is a Brit himself, but not dishonest. He was reviled by other Brits for telling the truth of the two expeditions. It is one of the more interesting and compelling books I have ever read and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning the truth and/or wanting a great read.
    Mark R. Scott

  8. I don't think humbling is a close enough word, I hope you guys get the publicity and public support that Scott did and you deserve. Do it for Britain, and for Scott, Evans, Wilson, Oates and Bowers.


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