Game Shopping At Entertainment World! Birmingham's Biggest Game Shop!


join me for a quick look around Entertainment world and see what I picked up while I was there!

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music used in this episode:

The One And Only – (Mega Man X Opening Stage Remix)

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  1. My retro bargain senses are tingling. Most of the places near me have next to nothing. What a shop! Some great pickups.. I remember buying Saturn Resi Evil at launch.

  2. Heck yeah, Lost Kingdoms! I really enjoyed the second game – went back to play the first one afterwards and didn't get on too well with it, but that was a long time ago!

  3. Big fan of Dark Souls so I’ll definitely try and get a copy of Lost Kingdoms on Gamecube. I didn’t know about this game.

  4. That is one clean shop for how packed it is! I like racers on the GBA as well. It's not a system known for them but it has a few that are well done considering the hardware. Thanks for the tour and video.

  5. Evolution Snowboarding looks very interesting! Seems like Slipknot did the music for it? They're a good metal band… very angry!

  6. Looks like a nice shop. Reminds me of Retro Game Base in Streatham before it sadly closed.
    Resident Evil on Saturn is pretty good. I still need to finish it as I hit a stumbling block and couldn't remember what I was supposed to do next, lol.

  7. This place is the only reason I'd ever go the Birmingham…
    Looking forward to seeing a proper look around great to see that this kind of place is still going. Meanwhile Game is going down the drain!


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