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Need a gift for a gamer but don’t know what to get? This 8-bit Game Over Light might be the answer!

Game Over Light
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  1. Sucks….does not turn on when connected…have to push button in back EVERYTIME to turn on….sooo….forget about it turning it on remotley…sucks!!!

  2. Mine never worked! Faulty batch perhaps.

    Rubbish, cheap crap, which you can tell by the feel of it. No on/off button and didn't come with any instructions . . . . . Not like it needed any but everything should come with a how to guide and what the modes are for, even if it's a safety warning about power ect . . . .

    Tried using the main power source, plugged in and usual usb ports on gaming pc . . . . Nothing!

    Got a refund and didn't bother to buy another one for my 11 year old son.

    Game Over for this light.

  3. You guys forgot to mention that the sound reactive feature does not work. This is a known manufacturing fault. The mic is so bad that it only reacts to vibration, not music or sound.

  4. Love my light. Just wished it had a switch rather than click on button. I have it plugged directly to my PS4 and want it to automatically turn on when I boot up. Shame

  5. So I love this but there’s a huge flaw to the reactive sound feature….the opening for the listening device is on the back of the light and the sound needs to be coming straight at the opening for this to work properly. The reactive sound does not work if the sound is coming from the lit side of the sign-which makes it hard to mount this on a wall and use the feature. Overall I like it and would recommend even with the sound issue.


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