Fallout 3 Paradise Falls part 1 of 2 To Paradise


Paradise Falls is the hub for Capital Wasteland slaver activities.

All, except for caged slaves, of its inhabitants are evil, so you don’t lose karma for killing them.

It is north of Arefu, but fast travel to Seneca Station if you can since the Arefu overpass terminates abruptly.

To gain entry:
a)Start and capture at least one slave for the Strictly Business quest.
b)Be Evil.
c)Finish the quest Head of State in the slavers favor.
d)Go in guns blazing to kill the slavers.
or e) Speech check guard Grouse and pay 500 caps.

As you approach to enter, you’ll see a failed slave escape attempt and meet Sammy who asks for your help.

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  1. Ughh ik I'm late but I'm not sure what to do, pay 500 caps to enter, kill everyone, or enslave people (which in all hell i am NOT going to do, especially enslave red from bigtown) there are benefits from enslaving the people and 500 caps is a lot. My best bet is to kill those dirty enslavers tbh…

  2. I just remembered I killed Arkansas

    What was I supposed to do? I was doing it for the W.S.G quest, also not to mention I was level 5

  3. Paradise Falls is Slaverville everyone in Paradise Falls is a Slaver. it get in you need to trade the children slaves currently locked up for the ones of Grouse's hit list Arkansas is the sniper in Minefield he goes first take him out or he will blow up cars loaded with mininukes with a shotgun Susan is next because Ghouls want to get into Tenpenny Tower and they are snooty biggets, Red is the third person on your list you need to get her away from Germantown and beat Big Trouble in Big Town she will be in her clinic but not for long. Flak is the last person on your list bag him before you go to Project Purity you need his guns.     

  4. This is the most interesting and entertaining game I've ever played. You got months of gameplay in Fallout 3, discovering places, and in each place you meet different people who got different problems and business, you find different items, you can create weapons, it's awesome. The more I play it, the more I like it.

  5. I've never gone into Paradise Falls without shooting up the place. It was especially fun using the mesmetron on Grouse right after he gives it to me.

  6. @scottski02
    No, they'll go on their own, but if they happen to be in the same map-cell as you, there's a chance something might attack and kill them.


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