DIY Building a Turtle Pond (Day 1)


Building a backyard pond for our pet turtles that we hatched from eggs 1 year ago. Subscribe to see the turtles added to the pond:

Our Backyard Pond Parts:
Waterfall Pump –
Recirculation Pump –
Skimmer –
Pondless Waterfall –
Liner –
Auto Dosing System –
IonGen System –
Led Lights –
AquaBlox –
Valves –
Skimmer Pole –
Skimmer Net –
Skimmer Filter –
Chlorine Remover –

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  1. I am risking my life digging a mini pond like this because my mom will kill me if I do but gotta give my turtle a good life 😅

  2. I don't understand.. if the bluegill fish are eating the bass eggs .. And pestering them won't you just take them out

  3. You do good work. You got a good eye for landscaping. I'm glad I subscribe to your Channel. Thank you for sharing, peace out

  4. Omg I literally got the same pond and filter set up. I guess great minds think alike lol. I also got a waterfall running into it.

  5. Hey guys love yours vids very inspired by them I have a channel too if you have a sec please check it out at Joshua simmons video name is how to lose a gigantic bass

  6. If you're going to put crawdads and crayfish in your pond he might want to put it aerator because crayfish to come out of the water to get air and then they go back under and if there's no way for them to get out of the water they need to aerator that way they can get over the aerator and get air that way you know a bubbler that's blowing air okay?

  7. Could you add a list of the parts needed.. I have a couple turtles and think having them in a larger area will have everyone a bit happier.

  8. I seen a vid of a small crayfish like 4 inch grabbed on a adult red eared slider neck and was not letting go.

  9. Will you be leaving the turtles outside during the winter months? If so what do you do to protect them? I bring all mine in from November thru March and they hate being in even large aquariums. Thanks so much!

  10. Im from Australia, so don't really know crayfish that well. They kinda look like our yabbies which have a tendency to wander. Wouldn't there be a pretty good chance of them heading over to your big pond and damaging your liner…?

  11. If the ninja turtles are getting moved to the new pond, eventually, then I think some type of sewer adaptation should be implemented. There's nothing like home!

  12. My daughter is 2 and I cannot wait until she's a little bit older so she can do this kind of stuff with me. Where did you get the bass as babies?

  13. I wish my 3yo daughter was that calm and collected. Just got her where she can cast and reel a couple weeks ago. She's wide open, but I can't wait to be able to take her out to the river and fish.

  14. Great video yall have inspired me also to want a aquarium. But I would like to do Crappies. Can you give me some sound advice to keeping them please. And keep the videos coming.

  15. Of course crawdads,…. and some smaller fish, poss just a few of the shiners. It'll give the ninjas some diversion and snacks.

  16. Just saw a vid by the Mütter Museum in Philly, turns out Einstein's brain was actually small for a man his size…

  17. Do you have an email? I have some questions and you're experienced. You're the first person I thought of when I discovered the oops I created


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