CQB Nerf Gameplay #3 – Humans vs. Zombies: Paranoia! [Rival Apollo, Nerf Hammershot]


Who doesn’t love zombie games?! Check out this awesome nerf war game mode in a high-intensity CQB Arena!

Game starts with everyone drawing a random card from a deck. If you pull a joker card, you’re one of the starting zombies! But don’t tell anyone!

At the start of the match, everyone starts as a ‘human’. Slowly, the patient 0 zombies will ditch their weapons and begin trying to convert the humans to their zombie persuasion. If a zombie is tagged, they’re stunned for 5 seconds. If a human is tagged by a zombie, they’re now a zombie. If a human is shot by a human, they’re now wounded and can only walk.

Humans must first survive for a full 5 minutes. After that, the remaining humans can fight to set off a 1 minute countdown timer that signals the release of an antidote that cleanses all the zombies.

In this battle I’m using a completely stock Nerf Rival Apollo and a Modded Nerf Hammershot. Apologies for not using my gimbal! This game mode is way too fast paced and the footage was unusable.

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  1. A fly wheel blaster would be the best here. Either the hera if you wanna stick with rival. Or the stryfe or hyperfire.


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