[CFW/TUT/EP.14] How To Use Any Save Game Data With Debug Settings


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Hey Guy’s, Today I am Showing You How To Use Any Save Game Data You Want When You Are Not The Owner!!! Also Please Comment What Tutorials You Guy’s Want!

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  1. Your amazing, Quick question can i run the Fake Save Data Owner On and than go online? I know im late but, im trying to set up for the little ones to have fun.

  2. Hey can anybody tell me how to fix corrupted data on savedata PS3 i try to copy my own savedata from USB to PS3 and they say "Data is Corrupted" i'm very sad:( please help me

  3. how can i unlock the save? for example i down loaded a save for resident evil 4 hd..load it,,its work but during the game i can not save new..and its say "other user data you can't save your game" ..so this way fix it or still not?

  4. If I load the game with the other save data fakes, then I save again as I earn progress, is the new data considered native to the new ps3 I am on or will it always be wrong save file forever and I need to leave this setting on forever?

  5. I didnt realize the power of fake save data until I saw your tutorial. I think we crossed paths in MW3 a few times a couple years back when it was alive. Not in a bad way, but you were an inspiration for me to start modding.

  6. Thank you makes recovs easier but 4 mins copy to profile turn on fake save data owner ? If that sentence <<– previous one doesn't cover it then a brick is in their future.


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