Catherine Full Body Erica & Toby Romance


Missed the scene from the rin route added to this video:

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  1. Listen, if I met someone who looked like Erica and was THAT into to me, I'd lock that shit down ASAP.

    Doesn't matter what she was in the past, all that matters is that she's got one fine ass.

  2. Honestly I would totally date Erica. I said while playing the game for the I would rather date her and I haven’t changed my mind.

  3. Guys…erica isn't real

    I can call him eric, I can her erica, that doesn't matter, because it's just a character from a videogame, I'm not ruining her life, I'm not hurting her feelings, because she's just a character from a videogame

  4. A good plus to Rin's ending is that it at least implies Toby and Erica are at a point in their relationship in which hes gotten over the latter being a transwoman, and that the two are genuinely happy together enough to be making future plans together.

  5. 3:16 I hope it was with the lights off and he didn't know which door he used, it would have been more interesting.

  6. I like Erica’s character in the story but I do believe they all could’ve said something to Toby….. he deserved the right to know at least. People that switch genders are ok in my book because I just don’t care…. it’s not my place to tell them how to be happy when I’m trying to figure my own shit out but those are important details that shouldn’t be left out nonetheless

  7. I like how no ones talking about how Toby outed himself for having a dominatrix kink in the first 15 seconds of this video.

  8. rin ending is not only the best because vincent’s happy and rin’s adorable, but because toby and erica are happy AMEN

  9. I wonder why Erica hasn't or doesn't transition in the ending where Catherine and Vincent live happily ever after. Does Katherine's influence have something to do with it? 👀

  10. Why is everyone bent out of shape? Most people are just saying it's fucked up that Erica didn't tell him the truth before taking the man's virginity. That's not being transphobic or whatever the hell other words you've come up with, it's just common decency.

  11. is the Katherine route the only one that gives a little bit of insight into their relationship later? Is theres no difference in Rin's route or is it really subtle, cuz i thought it'd be different. –


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