Board James: Weapons and Warriors (Higher Quality)


Episode 4 of Board James “Weapons and Warriorse”. Presented here in higher quality than previously available on YouTube. The old upload was only 360p. This is 480p.
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  1. "Weapons and Warriors is a game that you don't forget"

    That's what i think about this episode as well. God, the nostalgia these videos give me…

  2. Please if anyone knows of the board game where you had two players, space theme, one side space marines and the other some monsters guys, all the people you use have firing guns to hit the other players guys, it was a grey board with hills and circles for the player the stand on. Anyone help been looking for days now and I want to buy it for my misses kid for his birthday, help please.

  3. Man, I used to fucking love this game. I never played it right, but just shooting at the castle, even by yourself (only child) was so fucking fun.

  4. My great complain is how unbalanced his game is, the cannon at least should be on the non castle side.

  5. It would be smart to just order two kits and just have castle vs castle after changing the color of one kit.


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